Lamp Shades

Lamp Shades to fit any lamp or personality. FREE professional lamp shade fitting - Guaranteed to fit !

Silk - Metal - Linen - Fabric - String - Burlap - Rattan Wicker - Sea Grass - Bamboo - Mica - Leather - Paper - Cocoa Leaf


Vintage Lamps

Vintage Lamps - Art Deco Lamps & Mid Century Lamps


Lamp Repair

Lamp & Lighting Repairs of every kind imaginable by seasoned craftsmen and artists since 1975


Glass Lamp Shades

Glass Shades - For New & Vintage Lamps


Swag Light

Swag Lights & Plug In Pendant Lights - USA Made Swag Lamps - Direct From The Factory


USA Made Lamps & Shades

USA Made Lamps & Lamp Shades - Direct From The Factory


Tiffany and Mission Lamps

Tiffany Lamps & Mission Lamps - Quality Handcrafted Stained Glass Lamps on Heavy Cast Metal Bases


Custom Lights & Custom Lamp Shades

Custom Lights & Lamp Shades - Direct From The Factory - Since 1975


Hoyle Grand Children

Why Lamp Shade Pro Recycles...


Lighting Sale

Lighting Sale - Uncommonly Low Prices - 1 of Each Available...


Lamp Shade Pro Reviews
Lamp Shade Pro Reviews


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