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Bouillotte lamp shades of metal, black paper, silk, mica 14-19 inches wide flared shallow drums for brass candelabra candlestick lamps Baldwin, Stiffel, Alden

Pronounce: BOO YACHT

The origin of this shade was founded in the French card game called Bouillotte of the 18th century. The card table was typically lighted by a cluster of burning candles surrounding a vertical rod upon which rested a lamp shade. The shade was adjustable up and down the rod so that as the candles burned down the shade could be lowered.

Also found on these lamps: Frederick Cooper, Edward Alden, Ethan Allen and others

Professional Bouillotte lamp shade fitting is available. Call us during regular business hours. We love helping our customers.

Sizes listed in inches: Top width x Bottom width x Side/slant.

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Example of Bouillotte Lamp Shade For Candelabra Lamps
Brown Burlap Bouillotte Lamp Shade 14"W
Ivory Burlap Bouillotte Lamp Shade 15" W
Khaki Tan Bouillotte Lamp Shade 15" W
Natural Homespun Bouillotte Lamp Shade 14"W
Mica Bouillotte Lamp Shade 14-19"W
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Cream Metal Bouillotte Lamp Shade 14-19"W
Baldwin Bouillotte Lamp Shade Spider Fitter
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