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Stylish linen lamp shades USA made of classic woven fabrics, just the right amount of texture to add special interest and elegance for modern or vintage lamps. When burlap is too rustic and your lighting needs a little more casual sophstication and class, the nice clean textures of our linen lamp shades are a perfect choice for all styles of lamps.

Linen fabric has a long history and its use is documented back to many thousands of years ago. In ancient times, it was used to make all kinds of clothing for everyday use, religious garments and even burial shrouds. Today linen is very highly valued for its lovely texture, light weight and cool touch. It has many uses especially in clothing. Linen fabrics are common for the bedroom, bath and for many home decor uses such as wallpaper, windows and especially lamp shades.

Linen lamp shades are available in all sizes from 11-24" wide to fit any lamp.

Sizes are listed in inches: Top width x Bottom width x Side/slant.

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Coolie Linen Fabric Lamp Shade Cream or White 16-24"W
Linen Fabric Lamp Shade Cream or White 11-18"W
Shallow Drum Lamp Shade Cream or White 15"W
Khaki Tan Linen Drum Lamp Shade 20"W
Khaki Tan Linen Lamp Shade 12-18"W
Natural Homespun Linen Drum Lamp Shade 12"Wx17"H
Market price: $79.99, save 75%
Market price: $89.99, save 67%
Safran Linen Coolie Lamp Shade 17-21"W
Tan Linen Coolie Lamp Shade 18" Wide
White Linen Coolie Lamp Shade 15-24"W
Natural Linen Coolie Lamp Shade 15-24"W
Cream Fabric Drum Lamp Shade 15-19"W
Natural Homespun Bouillotte Lamp Shade 14"W
Market price: $109.00, save 63%
Market price: $90.00, save 56%
Slender Drum Linen Lamp Shade 10"Wx10"H
Natural Linen Floor Lamp Shade 19"W
Off White Linen Floor Lamp Shade 17-19"W