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Paper lamp shades are USA American made in popular shapes: Drum, Coolie, Tapered Empire and Bouillotte with gold foil liners 8-24 inches wide for all size lamps

Lamp Shade Pro paper lamp shades are made from thick heavy gauge satin black parchment paper that has a gold foil liner and a long record of proven reliability and lasting beauty since 1975.

Sizes listed in inches: Top width x Bottom width x Side/slant.

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Black Paper Coolie Lamp Shade 16-24"W
Black Paper Drum Lamp Shade 14-18"W
Cream Paper Lamp Shade Gold Flecks 16"W
Empire Tapered Black Paper Lamp Shade 8-20"W
Bouillotte Black Paper Lamp Shade 14-19"W
Black Paper Floor Lamp Shade 19"W
Silver Drum Paper Lamp Shade 4-20"W
Silver Empire Paper Lamp Shade 4-20"W
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