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Rectangle lamp shades save space front to back and create a focal point of interest with beautiful geometric shapes: Bell, Cut Corners, Tapered, Straight Box

Silk shantung fabrics with soft luxury liners and fabric hardback (HB) lampshades USA made in America

Size= Top1/Top2 x Bottom1/Bottom2 x Side- Side slant measurement is taken along the corner.

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Rectangle Cut Corner String Lamp Shades Off White, Taupe, Black 8-20"W
Tapered Rectangle String Lamp Shade Off White 14-16"W
Cut Corner Bell Rectangle Lamp Shade Cream, White, Beige 8-20"
Black Cut Corner Bell Rectangle Lamp Shade 8-18"W
Inverted Cut Corner Rectangle Cream, White 13-19"W
Tapered Silk Rectangle Cream, White, Black 12-18"W
Black Tapered Rectangle Lamp Shade 12-18"W
Pleated Inverted Corner Rectangle Lamp Shade Cream, White 10-18"W
Straight Rectangle Lamp Shade Black or White 14-16"W
Rectangle Leather Look Lamp Shade 12-18"W
We Customize any Rectangle Lamp Shade
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