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Browse our unique colorful string lamp shades 8-22 inches wide with very unique iridescent appearance with light on. Strings light up and subtle light shines through between the silk cords... so very cool !

String shades are hand wrapped silk cord with soft luxury fabric linings and sure to add interesting features to your living room, bed room, kitchen, dining or bath

Sizes listed in inches: Top width x Bottom width x Side/slant.

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Empire Silk String Lamp Shades 14-20"W
Empire Silk String Lamp Shades 8-12"W
Drum String Lamp Shade Off White, Taupe, Black, Copper, Silver 12-18"W
String Coolie Lamp Shade Black, White, Taupe 16-22"W
Straight Square String Lamp Shade Off White, Taupe 12-14"W
Coarse Beige Linen Drum String Lamp Shade 12-18"W
Coarse Beige Linen Empire String Lamp Shade 14-20"W
Coarse Beige Linen Coolie String Lamp Shade 16-20"W
Coarse Linen String Lamp Shade Close-Up
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