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Growing up on my dad's farm, I remember chopping weeds in the cotton fields.
My father showed me how it was important to "get the roots" otherwise weeds just keep coming back.

Our world problems are fixed with band-aids.
We must learn to "get the roots".
Worldwide, communities are racing toward ever more growth.
Shortages of resources, food, water and clean air are common.
Wilderness is vanishing along with wildlife, fish, forests and wild streams.
Pollution is poisoning the earth.
Our planet's limited resources are disappearing.
Crime and poverty is a way of life for millions.
Quality of life is in decline.
Amazingly most of us know it.
Plan for improving not growing.
Plan to get the roots.

Demand That Our Government Offer Financial Incentives to Encourage:
Non Development of Land
Wilderness Spaces
Landowners, Developers to Practice Sustainable Development
Couples to Practice Family Planning 0-2 children
Individuals to Practice Contraception

- Jim Hoyle