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I remember chopping weeds out of the cotton fields while growing up on my father's farm. After finishing acres upon acres, we had to start all over again. My father showed me how important it was to "get the roots". Otherwise weeds just keep coming back again in a few days.

Our world has many problems that can only be solved by addressing the underlining root causes.
Old solutions and policies need rethinking.
We must learn to "get the roots".

Worldwide, communities are blindly racing toward more and more growth.
But our finite planet has limited resources that are disappearing.
We have to relearn and develop changes in our thinking, our habits and our culture.
Our focus must be transferred to improving not growing.
Growth is degrading our quality of life and amazingly we are all aware of it !
If we do not start now, when ?

Our problems need new solutions.
Increasingly there are shortages of food, resources, clean air and water.
Wilderness, wildlife, fish, forests and wild streams are vanishing.
Pollution is poisoning life on earth.
Crime and poverty has become a way of life for millions.

Get The Roots Solutions:
Demand That Leaders Offer Incentives that Encourage:
Non Development of Land
Wilderness Spaces
To Landowners, Developers and Builders that Practice Sustainable Development
To Couples to Practice Family Planning (0-2 children)
To Individuals that Practice Contraception

Some may consider Get The Roots solutions severe.
But study and research clearly reveals our reckless heading.
I do not have all the answers but I am working on answers for me, my family and my small company.
We need input and interest from individuals and lawmakers.

Let's start now.
Your thoughts can be posted here, simply reply by email below.

- Jim Hoyle

A Life On Our Planet - Celebrated naturalist David Attenborough presents a powerful message for our future:
Change the world by recycling.

Population Growth
Blue Line= Growth in Numbers of People
Green Line= Rate of Growth


Wildlife Decline - 68% Since 1970
Mammals, Fish, Birds, Amphibians, Reptiles