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Growing up on dad's cotton farm made many lasting impressions on my life. My dad had a profound depth of simple wisdom.

I remember chopping cotton. It had to be repeated many times each year. By the time we finished chopping the weeds and grass out of acres upon acres of cotton, we just had to turn around and start all over again. Today, I can hardly imagine doing that.

I remember dad showing me the correct way to "get the roots" when I chopped out the weeds and grass from the cotton plants.  I remember him saying "get the roots" or they will come back up in a few days.

Most solutions presented to solve our problems address symptoms and not underlining causes. Our political leaders would greatly benefit from my dad's "get the roots" wisdom that applies to any problem.

  1. Gas shortage
  2. Food shortage
  3. Carbon emissions
  4. Crime
  5. Welfare
  6. Traffic
  7. Trash, Waste, Landfills
  8. Sewage
  9. Clean Water
  10. Clean Air
  11. Fish
  12. Wildlife
  13. Forests
  14. Streams
  15. Wilderness
  16. Population...

Human numbers are rapidly degrading quality of life on earth. Economies worldwide are mindlessly based on more and more growth. This makes no sense on our finite planet. We must develop a culture change. If not now, when ? Solutions require new thinking and new habits. We must practice and focus on making ourselves, our lives and everything on our planet better and improved, not expanded.

How To Change The World:

  1. Tax Credits/Subsidies for Land Use Practices
  2. Tax Credits/Subsidies for Small Families
  3. Tax Credits/Subsidies for Non Development
  4. Tax Credits/Subsidies for Sustainable Development
  5. Tax Credits/Subsidies for Wilderness Protection
  6. Favored Nation Practices for Wilderness Protection
  7. One (or 2) Child Policies
  8. Child Tax
  9. Tax Credits/Subsidies for Family Planning
  10. Contraception

I don't have the answers but I am working on answers for me, my family and my little company.
Ideas are out there but we need more input and more interest from our lawmakers.
Let's talk about it with each other and with our political representatives.
Your thoughts ???

- Jim Hoyle

Celebrated naturalist David Attenborough presents an eloquent and powerful message on global nature loss and hope for the future: A Life On Our Planet

Population Growth
Blue Line= Growth in Numbers of People
Green Line= Rate of Growth


Wildlife Decline - 68% Since 1970
Mammals, Fish, Birds, Amphibians, Reptiles

More ideas to change the world: recycle policy