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Cocoa Leaf Lamps

Handcarfted cocoa leaf lighting in spectacular colors and styles will provoke your imagination.  See the entire collection of table lamps, floor lamps, pendant lights, lamp shades and wall lamps designed to compliment any home decor from modern to rustic.

Eco Friendly - Sustainable: All cocoa, banyan, alibanbang, guyabano and all other botanicals and leaf products are manufactured by Eangee using materials that are sustainably harvested, safe dyes are food-based as well as water-based finishes. The leaves used in our products are collected using methods that do not harm the trees. Additionally, the purchase of the leaves for all products provides a secondary income to the farmers who grow and care for plants.

Fair-Trade: Continuously exchanging of ideas on how to improve production, product quality, and the health and well-being of the artisans that work to create the products we sell. Manufacturers are visited on a regular basis by Eangee to ensure that the core mission is being followed. All products are produced in the Philippines, a country that is fast growing, and progressive on ensuring workers’ rights. It is also a country where many companies are run by women and their entrepreneurial efforts are encouraged. Artisans who make our pieces are paid a living wage, provided quality housing, have access to continuing education, and work under dignified and safe conditions.

High-Quality: The lamp frames are constructed from wrought iron that is hand-manipulated and welded into the artisanal shapes. It is then sanded and finished with a powder coat. Each leaf is placed by hand on a standard UL lamp backing. The backing adds durability and protects the shade from damage.

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Cocoa Leaf Cylinder Pendant Light 16.5"Hx7"W #504- Natural
Cocoa Leaf Cylinder Pendant Light 16.5"Hx7"W #504- Red
Cocoa Leaf Cylinder Pendant Light 16.5"Hx7"W #504- Sea Blue
Drum Cocoa Leaf Pendant Light 18-24"Wx10"H #497- Multi Color
Drum Cocoa Leaf Pendant Light 18-24"Wx10"H #497- Sea Blue
Iron Nito Vine Cocoa Leaf Dome Pendant Light 20"Wx14"H #664
Jellyfish Cocoa Leaf Pendant Light 35"Hx15"W #525- Sea Blue