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Crystal Chandelier Repair

Crystal Chandelier Repair

The Problem:

  • Crystal chandelier would not stay together properly and would not hang straight.
  • Crystal arms and candlesticks were crooked and some sockets were broken.
  • The chandelier was covered with a thick layer of dust and dirt that seemed baked on.
  • Some crystal prisms were detached and some were missing.

The Repair:

  • The chandelier was photographed with hand written notes to assure correct re-assembled.
  • The chandelier was unwired then all parts were completely disassembled.
  • Each component part was hand washed in the sink with detergent.
  • The cleaned component parts were then laid out on the work table in preparation for assembly.
  • Then everything was re-assembled and rewired.
  • But the chandelier would not stay straight.
  • It would repeatedly fall over to the side just like the BEFORE photo.
  • Then we discovered the manufacturing defect.
  • The crystal scroll arms in the top section were mounted on a 5" wide flat steel plate.
  • The plate was suppose to fit snugly into the top of a shallow bowl located beneath the plate.
  • Unfortunately the plate and the shallow bowl were exactly the same width.
  • This prevented the plate from "fitting" and instead slid around on top of the bowl.
  • This caused the bowl to rock from side to side as it did not have a flat foundation to rest upon.
  • Our "fix" was to grind the plate down to the correct diameter to fit the top of the shallow bowl.
  • We also added a flat chrome check ring under the shallow bowl to prevent rocking side to side.
  • The crystal chandelier then hung straight and stable and could be carried about as necessary for hanging.


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