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Our distinctive drum shades feature some very interesting innovations in the drum shape. You'll love the cool modern shallow drum lamp shades and our retro vintage style tall drum lamp shades. All handcrafted in a variety of lovely eye-catching materials and sizes to fit any lamp or any personality. Drum lampshades offer advantages over other shapes. Drum shades reflect light downward, outward but also upward to bounce off the ceiling to light up a larger area. Drum lamp shades provide more space between the light bulb and the shade fabric allowing manufacturers to increase the wattage rating of lamps with a drum shade, thereby providing better light for reading and projects. It is very pleasing to look upon a lamp with drum shade aglow in a dark room. Light is perfectly balanced in symmetry above and below with lovely radiant fabric of the drum shade in between.

Customers often encounter difficulty selecting the correct size drum lamp shade when switching from tapered empire or other shapes to a drum shade. We offer free professional drum lamp shade fitting since 1975 and it's just like bringing your lamp into our showroom.

Brighten up with our retro mid century style drum swag lights that we make from many of these drum lamp shades.

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Small Linen Drum Lamp Shade 10"Wx10"H - Sale !
Corset Bell Drum Lamp Shade 15"W
Shallow Drum Silk Lamp Shade Cream, White, Black 12-18"W
Smock Pleated Silk Shallow Drum Lamp Shade Cream, White 12-18"W
Black Paper Drum Lamp Shade 14-18"W
Regular Drum Burlap Lamp Shade 14-18"W
Market price: $65.00, save 69%
Market price: $90.00, save 33%
Market price: $155.00, save 29%
Market price: $210.00, save 33%
Market price: $120.00, save 33%
Market price: $150.00, save 27%
Large Linen Drum Lamp Shade 20-36"W
Mica Drum Lamp Shade 12-18"W
Torched Metal Drum Lamp Shade 16-20"W
Custom Metal Drum Lamp Shade 4-96"W
Very Large Metal Lamp Shades
Drum Lamp Shade Repair
Market price: $550.00, save 36%
Market price: $450.00, save 33%
Market price: $715.00, save 36%
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