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Hurricane Chimney Glass Shades - Sale !

Hurricane Chimney Glass Shades - Sale !
Aladdin Twist Lock Glass Chimney

Tall chimney glass lamp shades for all kinds of hurricane lamps like gone with the wind, banquet, parlor, electric and oil lamps.

Chimney Glass Shade Fitter Sizes:
The vast majority of hurricane chimney glass shades come in just two (2) fitter sizes 2 5/8" & 3" wide shown below.
Measure the metal holder on your hurricane lamp for the correct fitter size or measure the bottom of the glass chimney.
Although uncommon, there are other fitter sizes of chimney glass shades. If your chimney glass shade has a fitter size other than those below, contact us for personal help.

The correct height for glass chimney shades is about 2" longer than the outer glass shade globe so that the clear glass chimney shows just above the outer glass globe. If there is no outer glass globe then the glass chimney shade should be about as tall as the lamp base or slightly taller.

Sizes (Bottom Fitter x Height)
2 5/8" Fitter x 7.5"H
2 5/8" Fitter x 8.5"H
2 5/8" Fitter x 10"H - Most popular
2 5/8" Fitter x 12"H
*2 5/8" x 12 1/2" Aladdin Heelless Chimney
**2 5/8" x 12 1/2" Aladdin Twist Lock Chimney
2 5/8" Fitter x 14"H
3" Fitter x 7.5"H
3" Fitter x 8.5"H
3" Fitter x 10"H - Most popular
3" Fitter x 12"H
3" Fitter x 14"H - Top 3.5" is clear & Bottom portion is frosted
4" Fitter x 14"H
* Aladdin Heelless Chimney has a plain smooth bottom without twist lock heel
** Aladdin Twist Lock Chimney has a "heel" which allows the twist lock feature

See Fabric Chimney Lampshade That Slips Over A Glass Chimney

Safety Precautions:
As with any heat source, it is necessary to exercise caution when using near combustibles.
Place the chimney lamp a safe distance away from any combustibles.
Place the chimney lamp away from traffic areas.
Place the chimney lamp where it cannot be tipped over.
Place the chimney lamp where it cannot be accessed by children or animals.
Place the chimney lamp away from doors or any moving objects.

Type: Glass Lamp Shade
Material: Glass
Color: Clear
Size: 11 Sizes - Industry Standard Replacement
Style: Traditional; Contemporary; Country; Victorian

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  • Author: B. Workman
    Nice to see American made products THANKYOU!!!
  • Author: sdavis
    Thanks for making this clear
  • Author: jeffrey l smith
    We are looking to replace 20 inch high Williamsburg Colonial hour glass hurricane globe. Would you be able to do something like this?
    Answer: Replacement hurricane glass shades are not available in this size.

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