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Shop for replacement lamp shades of every shape, style, material and size to fit any lamp from very small to extra large. Even though our name indicates professional, we still understand there is plenty to learn about lampshades. Customers have trusted us for decades by seeking informed help and information about every aspect of lighting. We are fortunate to have experienced our industry in great depth from every viewpoint as designer, consultant, manufacturer, distributor, retailer, wholesaler and manufacturers sales rep for nearly a half century since 1975.

We know that customers have wide and varied personalities and tastes and along with that comes a huge range of lighting requirements. It is a quick and easy fix to spruce up the rooms of a home by replacing shades on the lamps. To answer that need, we offer practically every style lampshade imaginable in every shape: drum shades, rectangle lamp shades, square lamp shades, oval lampshades, empire shades, coolie lamp shades, bell shades, hexagon and Bouillotte shapes. Customers are often looking for particular styles, all available here: rustic lamp shades, pleated lamp shades, Victorian lamp shades, luxury shades, USA Made shades, colorful and beach shades, Stiffel lamp shades, black lampshades, white shades and custom shades that are limited only by your imagination. Customers also search for lampshades made of specific materials, all available here: metal lamp shades,  linen lamp shades, paper shades, burlap lamp shades, rattan wicker lamp shades, mica lamp shades, leather shades, string shades and cocoa leaf shades. Lampshades that fit specific lamp styles are also available for most any modern or antique vintage lamp: 6 way floor lamp shades, Uno shades for bridge arm and goose neck floor lamps, shades for standing lamps and plain straight floor lamps, chimney shades for hurricane lamps, shades for sconces and wall lamps, chandelier shades, table lampshades and swing arm shades. Wholesale lampshades of all kinds are made in all sizes and materials for the lodging hospitality and casino industry and for commercial properties. We offer every size shade from a very small 4" wide to unusually large shades up to 96" wide USA made. You can also order convenient swag lights made from many of these same lamp shades.