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Bahamas Hurricane Dorian Relief

Lighting for Bahamas Hurricane Dorian Relief

This lighting relief effort is meant for individuals, non profits and for the Bahamian government relief efforts

All lighting listed on the SALE page will be sold at COST+10%.

All other lighting will be sold at wholesale price.

Email or call Jeremiah for a prompt price quote for each SKU #.

1) Shipping Address Must Be: BAHAMA ISLANDS
2) Exclusions: Businesses, Resorts, Commercial Properties

We have seen many of the videos and photos of the total devastation that hurricane Dorian delivered to Grand Bahama and the Abacos areas. Sadly we can hardly imagine the crisis that the Bahamian people are now going through.

We realize that unprecedented destruction has come to the Bahamas and we do not intend to diminish the overwhelming immediate critical needs of water, food, clothing and shelter. However eventually we are certain the people of the Bahamas will rebuild and restore. As a small family company we want to do something helpful. We have been blessed to enjoy many of the natural beauties of the Bahamas and the kind people that we have met there. In at least some small way, we hope that this effort helps in restoring some of the lighting needs of the Bahamian people.

We trust that this effort will be received in the good spirit in which it is intended and we pray for a quick recovery for the Bahamas.

Jim Hoyle, owner - Lamp Shade Pro, 2233 East Main Street Lincolnton NC USA 28092