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Recycle Policy

I was raised on a small cotton farm in Lincoln county North Carolina and I vividly remember as a child regularly helping my dad clean out the side ditches on the dirt road that passed through our farm. We used the tractor and trailer to go up and down both sides of the road collecting bottles, cans and all sorts of trash thrown out of passing cars. It was a nasty time consuming memorable job and we always did it together. I learned early on the importance of keeping our farm beautiful and clean and the price we paid to pick up after others.

I also remember my older brother getting in his car and chasing down a litter bug who threw a beer can out his window on his way through our farm. The news of this confrontation traveled through our community and I do believe it actually helped to reduce the trash along our road. Obviously my brother had also picked up a lot of trash along our road with my dad when he was younger just as I did.

The Hoyle family does not litter, my sons do not litter and I am certain my grandchildren will never litter. But it goes much further than litter. My father instilled in all of us a deep abiding love of our land - all land. We cared for our farm by stopping erosion, building terraces, a pond, sewing vegetation and other practices to preserve what we had. We understood in our minds and our hearts that the land carried on long after we were all gone.

Now at nearly age 70, I can see all of this so very clearly. I see it especially in my grand kids as young as 2 years old and those older in their love of the outdoors, wildlife and nature in general. I know they feel the same as me about our lovely earth. My guess is that my dad and his dad also used the tractor and trailer to go up and down the road collecting trash and that's the way my dad got it and then passed along to us. And probably likewise my great grandfather and his father and on and on...

Lamp Shade Pro uses exclusively recycled materials for packing and shipping the lamps, lighting and lamp shades that we manufacture. We also recycle reusable cardboard boxes that we receive and then repack them with reusable packing materials for outbound shipping of our lighting. You will find all kinds of different clean soft packing materials in the lighting products that we make. The new boxes that we use are made locally in Hickory NC from sustainable forests. Lamp Shade Pro was earth friendly the very first day of our business back in 1975 and we continue today.

Help preserve our outrageously beautiful earth so that future generations can continue to enjoy it.

Get out and pick up some trash and teach someone else while you're at it.

- Jim Hoyle

Do It - Teach It Do It - Teach It - Jim with his beloved Gracie
                    Do It - Teach It