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Red Tiffany Shade Repair

Red Tiffany Shade Repair

Damage Summary:
The shade is warped and out of round and some areas bent inward.
12 glass pieces are broken or cracked.
We can replace all cracked and broken or the secure cracked ones can be just glued.
Gluing is done on the inside of the shade and makes the cracked glass very strong and secure.
The crack will still be visible.
The glue will be visible on the inside of the shade.
3-4 of these are badly broken and not likely candidates for gluing.
8-9 of these are tight cracks and can possibly be glued.

Tiffany repair is time consuming old world craftsmanship performed by our senior artisans.
Repairs are shipped to us from all over the hemisphere.
Production backlog is 5 months.
Damaged glass can be replaced or for economy cracked glass can be glued for stability.
Broken or displaced glass pieces to be replaced are completely removed from the shade.
These empty glass sections are then sanded, cleaned out and re-framed in copper foil.
A craft paper template is created for each empty glass section.
New glass pieces are cut out hand using the craft paper templates.
Each glass piece is then carefully and securely hand framed with copper foil.
Each glass piece is then soldered back into the original shade framework.
All solder work is vintage patina aged.

We will not know the exact number of each until the shade is heated and straightened.
Please advise if you want to glue the tight cracks and replace the badly broken ones.
We will then heat and straighten the shade and give and exact quote.

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