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Swag Lamps

Exclusive unique swag lamps in wide ranging styles from modern to Victorian and rustic lodge to vintage country, versatile plug in hanging lamps, many  USA Made

Swag lamps can be hung most anywhere with no wiring required. Fine quality materials are used for lasting beauty and durability, silk, fabric, mica, glass, steel, wicker, bamboo and seagrass

We can convert any of our chandeliers or pendants lights to plug in swag lamps, just ask - Exclusively from Lamp Shade Pro

Learn how to select and hang a swag lamp.

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Antique Vintage Edison Bulb Plug In Pendant Light Swag Lamp 3 Sizes
Antique Vintage Edison Light Bulb 3 Sizes
Burlap Drum Swag Lamp or Pendant Light 10"Wx10"H
Linen Drum Swag Lamp or Pendant Light 10"Wx10"H
Amber Mica Drum Swag Lamp 18"W
Antique Brass & Linen Drum Swag Lamp 17.5"W
Market price: $34.99, save 43%
Market price: $9.99, save 50%
Market price: $79.99, save 45%
Market price: $79.99, save 38%
Market price: $299.99, save 31%
Market price: $568.99, save 33%
Antique Gold & Linen Drum Swag Lamp 16"W
Bamboo Swag Lamp Pendant 16"-20"W
Barn Roof Swag Lamp Pendant Light 13"Wx3"H
Black Sheer Drum Swag 18"W
Bolivar String Drum Pendant Light or Plug In Swag Lamp 16"W
Bouillotte Black Paper Swag Lamp 14"-19"W
Market price: $524.99, save 33%
Market price: $148.99, save 30%
Market price: $39.99, save 30%
Market price: $369.99, save 58%
Market price: $499.99, save 69%
Market price: $79.99, save 38%
Bronze & Iron Mica Drum Swag Pendant Light Chandelier Plug In or Direct Wire 19" W
Burgundy Silk Swag Light 14-18"W
Burlap Drum Swag Lamp 14-18"W
Camouflage Drum Swag Lamp 15"W
Canvas Swag Lamp Plants Flowers 12"W
Canvas Swag Lamp Roosters Chickens 12"W
Market price: $716.99, save 56%
Market price: $238.99, save 34%
Market price: $79.99, save 38%
Market price: $79.99, save 38%
Market price: $79.99, save 67%
Market price: $79.99, save 67%
Casual White Drum Swag Lamp 18"W
Chicken Wire Burlap Swag Lamp Pendant Light 10"W, 8"H
Classic Bell Silk Swag Lamp 17"-19"W
Coolie Burlap Swag Lamp 16-24"W
Coolie Mushroom Pleated Swag Lamp 16-24"W
Crystal Lucite Chrome Swag Lamp 13"W x 16"H
Market price: $299.96, save 34%
Market price: $89.99, save 47%
Market price: $199.99, save 32%
Market price: $89.99, save 6%
Market price: $89.99, save 6%
Market price: $696.99, save 48%
Crystal Lucite Chrome Swag Lamp 15"W x 19"H
Crystals Linen Drum Swag Cream, White, Khaki Tan 15"W
Deer Elk Pine Trees Drum Mica Swag Lamp 18"Wx8.5"H
Dirk Van Erp Mica Swag Pendant Light 18.5"W
Double Drum Swag Pendant 18"W
Drum Chicken Wire Swag Lamp 8.5"Wx14"H
Market price: $876.99, save 54%
Market price: $149.99, save 30%
Market price: $496.99, save 32%
Market price: $329.99, save 60%
Market price: $440.99, save 33%
Market price: $89.99, save 56%