1. Glass torchiere shades have 1 5/8" center hole to slip over the electrical socket and held by a threaded ring.
  2. Dish or bowl shape torchiere shades fit floor lamps and table lamps.
  3. Torchiere shades direct light upward to illuminate a large area.
  4. Torchiere shades are made of fine quality thick glass for lasting enjoyment.
  5. Torchiere lamp manufacturers since 1975
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Torchiere Shade 13.5"W - Sale !
Glass Torchiere Lamp Shade White or Beige 13"W - Sale !
Glass Torchiere Lamp Shade White or Beige 16"W - Sale !
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Market price: $160.00, save 38%
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Amber Glass Torchiere Shade 13"W - SOLD
Bronze Glass Torchiere Shade 14"W - SOLD
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