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Lamp Repair Packing Tips

Some customers simply take their item to FEDEX or UPS and have them pack it.
Or use these packing tips at your own risk and insure adequately.

Ship To: Lamp Shade Pro 704-732-8001   2233 East Main St.   Lincolnton NC 28092
Include your contact info inside the box: Name, Address, Email, Cell Phone.
Print your name, address, phone number and ours on the shipping label.
Cover the shipping address label with clear tape to prevent tearing.
We will contact you upon arrival.
You can also visit us personally during open hours.

Packing Tips For Lamp Repairs - Tiffany, Slag Lamps, Lamps, Lamp Shades, etc.
Basic Idea: Double box the lamp/shade by suspending an inner box inside an outer box using strong boxes.
The inner box size should be at least 2" larger than the lamp/shade.
The outer box should be at least 2" larger than the inner box on all sides.
Use a minimum of 4" of soft packing material in bottom of inner box.
Center the lamp/shade in the inner box and pack around it with soft packing material.
Tiffany & slag glass shades should have the dome cavity filled to overflowing with soft packing materials.
Glass panels should be secured USING MASKING TAPE NOT CLEAR TAPE.
No part of the lamp/shade should come within 2" of the inner box walls.
Use at least 2" of soft packing material in bottom of the outer box.
Place the inner box in the outer.
Center the inner box in the outer box by packing ONLY THE CORNERS of the outer box.
Leave empty space on the sides between the inner/outer boxes, no packing material.
No part of the inner box should come within 2" of the outer box wall.

Boxes should be packed so that light pressure is required to close the top lids.
Seal all 6 seams of both boxes with clear tape.