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Lamp Repair Packing Tips

Packing Tips For Lamp Repairs - Tiffany, Slag Lamps, Other Lamps & Lamp Shade Repairs

  • Some customers simply take their item to FEDEX or UPS and have them pack it.
  • Or use the packing tips below at your own risk.
  • Insure adequately.
  • Enclose your full contact information in the box: Name, Address, Email Address, Cell Phone.
  • Print your telephone number and ours on the shipping label.
  • Cover the shipping address label with clear tape to prevent tearing.

Use two (2) strong boxes, 1 inner box, 1 outer box.

  • The outer box should be at least 2" larger than the inner on all sides.
  • The inner box size should be at least 2" larger than the lamp or shade.
  • This way no part of the lamp or shade is within 4" of the outer box wall.
  • Secure any glass panels with masking tape NOT CLEAR TAPE.
  • Use a minimum of 4" of packing material in bottom of inner box.
  • No part of the lamp or shade should come within 2" of the inner box wall.
  • Suspend the lamp or shade inside the inner box with packing materials.
  • Suspend the inner box in the outer box using packing materials.
  • Center the inner box by packing the corners of the outer box.
  • Do not pack the sides of the outer box, pack the corners only, leave empty space on the sides.
  • No part of the inner box should come within 2" of the outer box wall.
  • Fill the shade inner dome cavity of Tiffany & slag shades with packing materials.
  • The inside of Tiffany & slag shades should be filled overflowing with packing materials.
  • Boxes should be packed so that light pressure is required to close the top lids.
  • Seal all 6 seams of both boxes with clear tape.

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