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You will be delighted with our diverse collection of lamp shade shapes - all shapes! See all the beautiful geometric designs of lamp shade shapes that will exceed your expectations. All the lampshade shapes that you are searching for are in stock and ready to ship. Drum shapes, rectangle shapes, interesting square lampshade shapes, oval and tapered empire shapes to fit any lamp. Coolie lamp shades with a shape that mimics the Chinese coolie hat. Bell shape lamp shades are elegant and versatile to fit all kinds of lamps. Our Bouillotte shape lampshades bridge the gap between drum shape and empire shape shades and are available in traditional black parchment paper with gold foil inside. No matter what shape lamp shade you need, we have it in sizes up to 24" wide.

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Clip On Lamp Shade 8-10"W - Sale !
Cone Shape Lamp Shade 6-10"W
Drum Linen Lamp Shade Cream or White 12"W - SOLD
Empire Linen Lamp Shade 12"W - Sale !
Empire Linen Lamp Shade 19"W - Sale !
Homespun Linen Lamp Shade 11"W - Sale !
Market price: $90.00, save 44%
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Market price: $100.00, save 50%
Market price: $140.00, save 64%
Market price: $100.00, save 50%
Small Clip On Lamp Shade 6-10"W - Sale !
Market price: $80.00, save 50%