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Pleated lamp shades create such interesting contrasts and shadows. Select elegant silk shantung or casual pleated fabrics in many lovely geometric shapes. Our pleated lamp shades have a beautiful 3 dimension appearance that is pleasing to look upon and very easy on the eyes. Lamp shades with pleats define a space quiet unlike any other lampshade.

Lamp Shade Pro Reviews
Lamp Shade Pro Reviews

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Black Pleated Silk Coolie Lamp Shade 20"W
Mushroom Pleated Lamp Shade 12"W - Sale !
Mushroom Pleated Lamp Shade 15"W - Sale !
Cream Mushroom Pleated Lamp Shade 17"W - Sale !
Market price: $250.00, save 60%
Market price: $60.00, save 67%
Market price: $70.00, save 71%
Market price: $130.00, save 62%
Pleated Lamp Shade Cream or White 12-18"W
Coolie Mushroom Pleated Lamp Shade 17-18"W - Sale !
Mushroom Pleated Coolie Lamp Shade Cream, White 16-24"W
Mushroom Pleated Lamp Shade 3 Fitter Options 12"W
Market price: $130.00, save 38%
Pleated Lamp Shade w/Gold Trim 8-18"W
Silk Box Pleated Lamp Shade 8-18"W
Pleated Corners Square Silk Lamp Shade Cream, White 12-18"W
Pleated Coolie Shade Cream, White 16-22"W
Silk English Pleated Lamp Shade Cream, White 10-20"W
Wholesale Navy Blue Lamp Shade 18"W - Sale !
Yellow Pleated Lamp Shade 16"W - Sale !