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Tiffany table lamps are hand crafted with each piece of art glass individually cut, wrapped in copper foil and soldered to the joining piece until the shade is complete using the same old world techniques made popular by Louis Comfort Tiffany over 100 years ago.

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Fish Swimming in Waves Tiffany Lamp 26"H
Green & Purple Tiffany Lamp 27"H
White & Purple Tiffany Lamp 20"H
Golden Mosaic White Clouds Stained Glass Tiffany Table Lamp 24"H
Fleur De Lis Tiffany Lamp 23"H
Ivory, Crystal & Red Jewels Filigree Tiffany Lamp 24"H
Market price: $3,000.00, save 33%
Market price: $600.00, save 62%
Market price: $300.00, save 60%
Market price: $600.00, save 62%
Market price: $600.00, save 22%
Market price: $660.00, save 26%
Multi Color Classic Tiffany Lamp 28"H
Bronze Ladies Tiffany Torchiere Lamp 27"H
Bronze Stretching Lady Tiffany Torchiere Lamp 22"H
Small Tiffany Dragonfly Bankers Lamp 10"H SOLD
Market price: $520.00, save 25%
Market price: $450.00, save 22%
Market price: $360.00, save 22%
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