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Reviews Lamp Shade Pro


4-12-24: Custom Lamp Statue

Hi Jim!
Here's a picture of your latest creation.  Thank you for doing a super job!

4-5-24: Lamp Base Repair

Dear Jim,
Thank you so much for saving my favorite lamp. It looks amazing and was well worth the wait. From the initial communication right through to delivery, you were professional, responsive, and true to your word. And the lamp looks better than before it was broken. We couldn’t be happier.
Best to you and everyone there at Lamp Shade Pro.
A. & M. Arje

A. & M. Arje

3-8-24 Tiffany Torchiere Floor Lamp or SHADE ONLY

Tiffany Torchiere Lamp

Just received my beautiful lamp.  
Thank You!  
It arrived in perfect shape.  
Thanks also for the Baby Ruth’s!
C. Chandler

On 2/3/2024 Tiffany Lamp Shade Cap & Top Repair

Tiffany Shade repair

4:20 PM, T. Moyer wrote:
Hello, Jim.  I just wanted to thank you for repairing my Tiffany style shade.  Even though it arrived over a month ago, it was just unpacked today.  I was physically unable to unpack it, so had to wait until my nephew could come for a visit.  He unpacked it for me today and it is so good to have it back in good condition.  You did a wonderful job of packaging it securely!  I appreciate your good work.
Thank you so much!

1-8-24:  Euro Lamp Shade Fitter Only - Sale !

Thanks Jim.
Got the euro fitter and finally put a shade on this awesome lamp.
Kind regards

12-6-23: Capodimonte Lamp Shade 16-20"W

Hi Jim
I wanted to thank you for the lamp shades.  I apologize for responding so late, as I was away when they were delivered, and today I opened the box..  I was so nervous ….   I didn’t want to open it until the lamps were ready to display, but I was curious.  They are gorgeous.  They are smaller than I’m used to..  my mom must have had an oversized shade on them for what I remember.   I’ll send you a picture when they are assembled and the room is ready.  
I will most likely reach out to you when I assemble them.  
Best regards for a wonderful holiday.

11-1-23: Commercial Pendant Light

Hi Jim!
We are so grateful for your help with the pendant hardware! They arrived safely and when I arrived onsite yesterday, they were hanging and everyone loved them! They are the perfect addition to my commercial kitchen! Thank you so much for your wonderful customer service!

10-9-23: UNO Lamp Shade Cream, White 10-12"W - Sale !

Uno Lamp Shade

Arrived in perfect shape!
Thank you, Gary

9-27-23: UNO Lamp Shade Cream, White 10-12"W

Uno Lamp Shade Linen

Final note.....
The replacement shade arrived in perfect condition; the clear cellophane an added plus.
Your company will go on the 'Highly Recommended' list for the future.
Again, many thanks. Your efforts help restore faith in USA businesses!

Your customer service is exceptional!  Thank you SO much for the quick reply and follow-up action.
It's greatly appreciated.
J T Greenwood


8-24-23: Fine Linen Drum Lamp Shade

Fine linen drum lamp shade

Shades arrived today and I am delighted as always with your products.  Just wanted to let you know that all was well — and they really arrived much more quickly than I expected.  Thanks to you and your team.
M. Mahler

8-24-23: Glass Shade Hand Painted From Broken Fragments

Glass Shade Hand Painted To Match

Hi Jim , We couldn't be more pleased with the lamp shade !!!!!!   Thank you so much !     H. Deighton

7-24-23: Tiffany Shade Repair - Broken Glass Bent Cap

Hi Jim! We received the lampshade you repaired for us this afternoon  and it looks great! Thanks so much for everything!
S. Sendling

7-18-23: Bouillotte Lamp Shade Cream, White, Beige 15-19"W

I just wanted to thank you for responding to my need for a replacement lamp shade for my 80 year old lamp. I ordered the shade and have received it. The shade is perfect.
Thanks for your help.
T. Matthews

7-3-23: Red Paper Lamp Shade Repair


Red Paper Lamp Shade Repair

Below is photo of repaired lamp shade in customer's living room.

My living room and I thank you so much, Jim!  
I'm simply amazed at the excellent job you and your skilled artisans performed on what was left of my shade after shipping.  
The finished product is beyond my expectations.
Also, your careful packing was obvious.  
Y'all know exactly what you're doing, don't you?  
I'm very impressed.
However, my candy surprise didn't fare too well due to our l00+ weather here in Arkansas!  
But . . . that doesn't mean that I didn't appreciate your personal touch.  
I hope you and your loved ones have a very nice Fourth of July weekend.
Once, again, thank you, Jim.

6-8-23: Dirk Van Erp Silver Mica Shade 14-19"W

Dirk Van Erp Mica Shade

Lampshade delivered and it looks GREAT!
Many thanks...
M. Reagan

6-7-23: Beaded Tiffany Shade Repair

Thank you Jim. The shade looks great.  

5-31-23: Linen Lamp Shade

Hi Jim –
The shades arrived today.  They look great.

Linen Lamp Shade

5-31-23: Torchiere Shades

Well received.  Thank you.  Not too shabby!!!
Regards C. Ceresa

Glass Torchiere Shade

5-22-23: Drum Shades

Super great.   Thank you!   Morgan M.

Drum Shade

4-6-23: Reading Lamp

Hi Jim, the lamp fits perfectly on my desk, truly love it!  Thank you so much.  Facebooked my friends about it, hopefully it will create more sales for you.
Make it a wonderful day :0)   
Kay P.

3-13-23: Victorian Beaded V Notch Bell Drum Lamp Shade 14-18"W

Hello Jim,
Please see photo of antique lamp with your shade.
Just Spectacular!
My mother in law loves her new shade.

3-6-23: Mica 6 Way Floor Lamp Shade 19"W

The shade arrived today, and it’s beautiful!  Thank you!

Mica 6 Way Floor Lamp Shade 19"W

3-6-23: Low Profile Square Mica Lamp Shade

Hello, Jim!
Our stunning lampshade just arrived!  Can you tell that I love it?  It gives just the most soothing, cozy, inviting light I have ever seen. The extension is the perfect length and the finial matches the color of the on/off switch.
My husband complimented your metal workmanship.  He is impressed, as am I.  We are very happy with the results of your creation. I look forward to seeing it in the living room of our new home.  I’ll send you a photo.
I hope you’re having a nice afternoon with your grandson.  We are expecting 6-10” of snow tonight and hoping for no more ice breakage on our trees.
With best regards and much appreciation,
Janice J.

PS…Thank you for the Snickers and Twix.

2-22-23: Classic Stiffel Drum Lamp Shade Cream, White, Beige 10-18"W

Jim, The lamp shades arrived last Saturday, they make the lamps look as good as they did when
we bought them new, 59 years ago. Thanks for product and the service. Keep up the good work.
B. Harms

1-27-23: Leather Look UNO Lamp Shade 10-12"W

My most recent order arrived today.  I am pleased with it as well as the one
I ordered a couple of months ago.
Both shades are perfect in size and style for my old floor lamps, which we
found 50 yrs. ago at a local flea market, in Southern California.
Thanks so much for the great products you make and sell.
Sincerely, C. Slamon

1-5-23: Stiffel Torchiere Shade White 15"W

Frank J. wrote:
Thx Jim,
Diffuser fits well and looks great.

Stiffel Torchiere Glass Lamp Shade


12-19-22:  Tiffany Glass Shade Repair

I received my order and want you to know how pleased I am with your work. Thank you!

Linda V. D. K.

12-13-22: Homespun UNO Lamp Shade 12"W

Dear Jim, Got my lamp shade and it is GREAT!   Only problem is I had to share my candy.   Have a Merry Christmas  D. Atkinson

11-28-22: Victorian Dome Lamp Shade Recover

Hi Jim
Thank you so much for the beautiful job you did on our lampshade.  It’s perfect!
R. Waldren

Victorian Dome Lamp Shade Recover

10-17-22:   Mushroom Pleated UNO Lamp Shade, Cream or Beige

We received the lamp shade today.  It looks great!  Thankyou!

S. Zarley

9-29-22 Lamp Refinishing - Refinished Waterford Crystal Lamp

I received my lamp today and am extremely pleased!  Thank you for your excellent care of my lamp and for the replacement shade which looks really fine with it!  E. Berghorn

9-29-22 Silk Box Pleated Lamp Shade Cream, White 8-18"W 

They are perfect!!!!! Thank you so much !


9-6-22: Tall Floor Lamp - Custom extra tall floor lamp was created per customer specifications. Lamp shade on left was customized with draped braided gimp trim, tassels and fringe just like the shade on the right.

Hi Jim,
We just received the floor lamp and it looks great.

8-25-22: Burlap Lamp Shades

Hi Jim:

I just wanted to say thank you!  We opted to put the lamps in our bedroom and you were absolutely right.  These shades really show the lamp well where the other lamps were dwarfed by the shade.
Thank you for all of your help!

8-23-22: Off White Linen Drum Lamp Shade 17""W - Sale !
Modification: 1 5/8"" SLIP FITTER WITH 1/2"" DROP RECESS FROM TOP OF SHADE - like these UNO Lamp Shades

Hi Jim
Lampshade arrived in perfect condition. Can’t thank you enough.
Have a wonderful week
H. and D. Bryen

8-23-22: Dirk Van Erp Mica Lamp Shade 17"W - Sale !

Hi Jim,
Our shade arrived safe & sound. We love it!!!
Thank so much for your helpfulness, thoroughness, and patience.
All best,
Lynda & Stuart


8-23-22:  Black Bell Silk Lamp Shades - Modified with 1 5/8"" fitter hole like this: Uno Lamp Shades

Dear Jim,
Thank you so much for helping Nick & I order the lamp shades. They arrived yesterday and we are so happy with them…we look forward to ordering from you again.

8-19-22:  Dirk Van Erp Mica Lamp Shade

Yes! Thanks for such great service!
S. Henkel

8-11-22: Hand Painted Glass Shades Lamp Repair

Good morning,
We recieved the globe last night and it looks great.  
Thank you so much, beyond happy with it.
Thanks again,
Again are really happy with the globe and how well you match the original art work,  thus saving this family heirloom.

8-9-22:  Scallop Bell Silk Lamp Shade Optional Beads Fringe 10-18"

Received my new shade…all good! Thanks again T.H.

8-8-22: Dirk Van Erp Mica Lamp Shade - Custom Sizes USA Mad

Hi Jim!
I just received my beautiful lampshade. It’s a perfect fit and so gorgeously crafted. Very excited to have it in my home.
Well worth the wait. Thank you so much!
P. Weaver

8-2-22: Custom Lamps & Custom Lamp Shades - Created using customer's hand carved figures from the island of Bali

The lighting is perfect!  It completes the look and adds a little drama of the room.  Thank you, Jim, for your guidance and help with this project.
Best Regards,


Silk Box Pleated Lamp Shade Cream, White 8-18"W

Hi Jim!
I ordered from you last year (this email is piggybacked on prior receipt).
I love my shades, and also remember the friendly personalized service I received…so I’m back!
I’m still unpacking from a big move, have a beautiful old French marble lamp.
I need a new shade…it is very yellowed and perhaps a bit too big for where it will be displayed in this new house.
It measures a small 3” top, 14” bottom diameter, and 11” tall. I am looking at your Scallop Bell Silk, measure 6.5x12x9.
I actually love the very small opening on mine but I don’t see anything that fits size.
Would love your professional opinion…photos attached! Thanks!
T. Hunter

7-27-22: Custom Lamps & Custom Lamp Shades - Created using customer's hand carved figures from the island of Bali

Hello Jim,
You were a very smart man to suggest I take home the Bali lamps!  Thank you.  It gave me the opportunity to match each couple and determine their head tilt direction.
Sorry I missed you today.  Below are photos of the placement of the figures.  
Thank you for attaching them to the bases.  Please let me know when I can pick them up.
Best Regards,

7-19-22: Custom Lamp Shades

Hi Jim,
I love the shades! Thank you so much, Kimberly

7-13-22: Capodimonte Lamp Shade

Hello Jim, I just wanted to let you know that the lampshade arrived in perfect condition and they are so happy with it. It is a nice replacement for the original and looks very good.

Thanks again, B. Pateras neighbor

7-11-22: Bell Coolie Rattan Lamp Shade

Hi Jim,
My lampshade arrived today & it is JUST what I was hoping it would be.😃
Guess shipping just took longer than I anticipated.
B. Kresge

7-11-22: White Linen Oval Lamp Shade

Hi, Jim,
I cannot say enough about the QUALITY of the lampshade that I ordered from you and received yesterday!!!

5-26-22: Burlap Lamp Shade

The lamp shade has arrived and it is beautiful.  Thank you so much!
C. Murray

5-23-22: Mica Cylinder Lamp Shades without Frames

Hi Jim!
Our shade arrived and it’s just beautiful. Thank you so much!
Before we install it is there a max wattage or type of bulb that we should or shouldn’t use or any other recommendations? I don’t want to damage the shade.
J. Roenitz

5-20-22: UNO Lamp Shade Cream or White 12"W

Lamp shade arrived today.  In perfect condition and fits fine.  Thanks again for the great customer service.
Mike J.

4-22-22: Dragonfly Tiffany Floor Lamp w/Ochre Colors 60"H

Tiffany Floor Lamp

My lamp base arrived safely today and I love it!
Thank you ! D. Burns

4-8-22: Leather Look Bell Coolie Lamp Shade

That is wonderful news!! I’m delighted to have kept my order open with you. Though we spoke only briefly a few weeks back, your kind voice and stellar reviews assured me all would be well.
With gratitude, Maureen ....

3-22-22: Slag Lamp & Shade Repair

Jim: Thank you for the repaired lamp shade (order 9247), which arrived safely via UPS today.  

The cracks are nicely glued back, the ruined pane is replaced, and it's back to the right shape.  I look forward to putting the lamp back into service in a safer place, and enjoying family memories from times gone by.

I will not hesitate to recommend your service to others, where there is an opportunity.

Thanks again.
J. Rule

3-16-22: Tiffany Repair

I received my lampshade.. Thank you so much.  I am very pleased with the repair..

D. Santangelo

3-14-22: Wicker Lamp Shade

Wicker Lamp Shade
Thank you very much for shipping out the lampshade. It arrived today and is exactly what I was looking for.
Sincerely, J Bridle


3-10-22: Capodimonte Lamp Shade
Hi Jim very happy to have these they came yesterday.
Thank you so much for the stems shade holders liers.
Another happy customer!
P Bricker


2-3-22: Glass Torchiere Lamp Shade White or Beige

Torchiere Glass Shade
It’s perfect! We love it. Thanks so much
D. Tooley


2-1-22: Hexagon Chimney Shade For Hurricane Lamps 12"W

I received my shade, and I love it! I would like another one; only larger. Do you have another one about 14 wide at the bottom, and 10 high? It can be round, but I prefer one just like the one I have. 06983i. (For a Hurricane style lamp).
Thank you, P. Hunter

1-15-22: Silk Box Pleated Lamp Shade

Hi Jim! Belated email to let you know I received my lampshades a few weeks ago and they are great!! Thanks and Happy New Year!

11-29-21: Natural Homespun Linen Oval Lamp Shade

Natural Homespun Linen Oval Lamp Shade

The lamp shade arrived today and it is perfect.
Thank you so much.
R. Kroeker

11-29-21: Wagon Wheel Chandelier

Wagon Wheel Chandelier

We received our wagon wheel light and it's beautiful!
Great job.
Thank you.
Looks awesome in our music room.
O. Holbrook

11-22-21: 6 Way Floor Lamp Shade

6 Way Floor Lamp Shade

Finally, the lamp is like I remember it when I was little 60 some years ago.
Thank you.
O. Holbrook

11-2-21: Capodimonte Lamp Shade

I am very happy with the beautiful shade.
Thank you!!!
Here are a couple of photos.
The lamp looks even more beautiful in “person.”
Haven’t taken the cellophane wrapper off the shade but will soon.
I’m sure the fringe adds a lot.
S. Budd

10-8-21: Linen Coolie Lamp Shade

The shades arrived yesterday. We just put them on the lamps and they are perfect. Let me know if you want the others returned, or if we can just dispose of them.
Thanks again, Christine

10-4-21: Classic Stiffel Drum Lamp Shade

Classic Stiffel Drum Lamp Shade

My mother received the shades and is so happy with her lamps now. Thank you. Stay safe and strong. - M.R.

9-27-21: Black Paper Coolie Lamp Shade

Black Paper Coolie Lamp Shade

Jim, got the lampshades and they arrived in perfect shape.
They are amazing .
Thanks for all of the communication.

9-22-21: Wicker Lamp Shade

… love the shade and fits perfectly , thanks Jim 😊 C.H.

9-22-21: Bell Lamp Shade

Hi Jim -
Mom and Dad are really happy with the shades.
The Ivory ended up being perfect - maybe even better than the white!
Dad liked the candies LOL!
Thanks for all the help!

9-8-21: Vintage Covered Wagon Lamp

Vintage Covered Wagon Lamp

Hi Jim,
Just to let you know that the covered wagon lamp arrived in good shape- thanks to your excellent packing!
I hand-carried the little beauty to Lander, Wyoming as a gift for a friend who has a summer home there.
She Love LOVED it!
Thank you,
Thanks again, I am so please at how it came out.
J. Warren

8-3-21: Reverse Painted Lamp Shade Repair

Reverse Painted Lamp Shade Repair

Jim, just wanted to let you know,
I received the lamp shade yesterday, and it looks great.
Thanks for the wonderful job for the care and craftsmanship that you put into the repairs.
Just wondering if you had any thoughts into the age and possible maker of the lamp and shade.
Any insights, that you might have to share, would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks again, I am so please at how it came out.
J. Warren

8-3-21: Linen Lamp Shade

Just wanted to let you know that the replacement lamp shade for my original order #8762 arrived the other day intact and in excellent condition.
I meant to email you the day it arrived but I was so swamped with work that I forgot.
Fortunately today I did not.
Thank you for your outstanding service.
Your business name has the word "Pro" in it and you certainly measure up.
Again, thank you.
W. Bruse

8-3-21: Scallop Bell Silk Lamp Shade Optional Beads Fringe

Scallop Bell Silk Lamp Shade Optional Beads Fringe

Hi Jim,
Just a quick note to say the lamp shades arrived and are perfect.
Thanks for suggesting the economical alternative to recovering our old shades.
Best regards,
L M Sanders

8-2-21: NO SLIDE SHADE GRIPPER Prevents Shade Sliding

NO SLIDE SHADE GRIPPER Prevents Shade Sliding

That's incredibly nice of you. I really appreciate the customer service that goes above and beyond.
My reflector shade is 10". I'll put the payment through now.
Again, thank you very much,

7-30-21: Customer's Lamp Repair

Customer's Lamp Repair

Hi Elaine and Jim,
Just wanted to let you know that I got my lamp home yesterday without any mishaps. Thanks Elaine for packing the lamp (and my car!) so carefully. The picture shows the lamp in her new home – my bedroom.
Elaine, your work is just stellar! The antiqued light sockets look original and I just love being able to turn the lamp on and off with the convenient switch. I’m glad we didn’t mess with the brass tubing (or whatever it’s called)…now that she’s all set up, it appears straight.
I so enjoyed talking about and looking at antique lamps with both of you. Elaine, your work on the hanging lamp with the fringe took my breath away. Who would think of tinting the lower portion of the fringe? It’s so much fun to share a passion. Now all I need is more space to put antique lamps!
A huge thanks to both of you! I’m already looking forward to connecting with you again.
With so much appreciation Sue

7-15-21: Burlap Lamp Shades

Burlap Lamp Shades

Thank you Jim for helping my Dad’s wish come true!
You will never know how much this means to him.
My parents bought these driftwood lamps about 60 years ago.
Dad has always wanted them in the same room with matching lampshades.
He will appreciate seeing them both together in his remaining months. ❤️
Thank you for your exceptional service!
And candy treat too!
Much love,

6-1-21: Roll Pleated Coolie Lamp Shade

Hi Jim,
My order arrived safely yesterday.
The lampshades are beautiful!
Thank you so much!!!
L. Perrine

5-28-21: Bell Silk Lamp Shade

Bell Silk Lamp Shade

Hi Jim,
the package arrived today.
Good morning Sir,
The 2 lampshades, arrived safely.
They are very beautiful and fits well.
I appreciate, the care and kindness put together in the package.
Thank you

5-24-21: Glass Shade Hand Painted From Glass Fragments

Glass Shade Hand Painted From Glass Fragments

Hi Jim,
the package arrived today.
it was well packed.
I could not believe it when I unwrapped it.. gorgeous.
looks like it was never broken.
you have made me happy since they were given to me by my mother.
thank you so much.
you will be recommended by me to anyone who needs this type of work done.
again you and every one there do a great job and works of art.

5-12-21: Fancy Square Lamp Shade

Fancy Square Lamp Shade

Hi Jim,
Just wanted to confirm that the birthday gift has arrived.
My wife is extremely happy with the shades.
Thank you so much,

4-30-21: Fancy Square Lamp Shade

Fancy Square Lamp Shade

Good morning Jim:
We have just received the two lamp shades as per above P.O.
They arrived in perfect order: Quality, Packing and Shipping all deserve a triple A.
Thank you again.
Arielle and Guido Z.

PS We love the picture of you and your beloved Gracie.
Like you, we are dog lovers and had three toy poodles in our life time. Toys because we live on two continents and we always had the four legged one's with us in the cabin when traveling back and forth by air.
Good luck to you and Gracie and thanks for the Snickers

4-27-21: Wicker Lamp Shade

Jim, I received the lampshades.
They are beautiful.
Thanks Jim,
The replacement order for the square tea wicker lamp shade arrived today.
The light color works perfectly!
I will go to your website now and order two more of the same shades.
Thanks a bunch!
J. Krause

4-20-21: Square Bell Cut Corner Lamp Shade

Square Bell Cut Corner Silk Lamp Shade

Jim, I received the lampshades.
They are beautiful.
Rick M.

4-19-21: Repair Mica Lamp Shade

Repair Mica Lamp Shade

Hello, Jim,
I wanted to say thanks for your help, work, and fine shipping of my lampshade!

It looks great! It's really a fair match to the other panels and is so nice to have complete again.

The reason for my delay in sending thanks is that we are just finishing a fairly major home remodel, and your box with the shade was waiting safely with our furniture in the garage! We moved the things back in the house last Saturday, and I was finally able to see the shade and put it on the lamp. (Moving back in is not the fun part of this project! But I don't think I'll get to the fun part until everything is back to normal and we are able to enjoy our house again!)
Many thanks again, and all the best!

And I forgot to thank you for the Reese’s cup! Thanks!!

4-12-21: Bell Silk Drum Lamp Shade

Bell Silk Drum Lamp Shade

Jim/ Your shades arrived today.
They are beautiful!
Absolutely perfect.
I am going to encourage all my friends up here in NYC to check out your website for their lampshade needs.
The offerings at Amazon don’t even come close.
Thank you.

4-12-21: Coolie Wicker Rattan Lamp Shade

Coolie Wicker Rattan Lamp Shade

Hi Jim,
We love our shades!
Thank you for you help and a beautiful product...might be calling on you again.
Catherine D.

3-30-21: Silk Box Pleated Lamp Shade

Silk Box Pleated Lamp Shade

Hello Jim,
The shade arrived today and it is perfect.
Thank you for taking such good care of my order and for the MILKY WAY!
What a nice surprise.
I will undoubtedly be ordering other shades from you in the future as well as letting my friends know about your company.
Stay safe, be well.
My best, R. Freedman

3-30-21: Large Wagon Wheel Chandelier

Large Wagon Wheel Chandelier

Good afternoon Jim, the wagon wheel chandelier came in no damage, looking awesome!
Thanks again for a great product!
Regards, Ben

3-30-21: Rectangle Lamp Shade

Jim- The shade just arrived in perfect shape. Just right for a little lamp in a dark corner.
Thank you so much for thinking of it. It was a pleasure doing business with you.
I will no longer hesitate to buy antique lamps since I have a great new source for shades!
Regards, N. D.

3-18-21: Smock Pleated Silk Empire Lamp Shade

Smock Pleated Silk Empire Lamp Shade

Jim- The shade just arrived in perfect shape. Just right for a little lamp in a dark corner.
Thank you the fine quality of the workmanship and the excellent packing that will certainly go into recycling.
Best regards- Billy

3-1-21: Leather Look Bell Lamp Shade

Leather Look Bell Lamp Shade

Hi Jim,
I want to thank you for picking out the lamp shades for my lamps.
They look great!
I’m so happy with the look and quality.
I’ll be ordering from you again!

2-23-21: Brown Bell Dual Weave Rattan Lamp Shade

Brown Bell Dual Weave Rattan Lamp Shade 13-20"W

Hello Jim
The lampshade arrived today in perfect condition. It is beautifully made. We like the shade, though it is a darker color than expected from the picture on your web site.
The packaging is amazing! We are happy that this is made in the USA
A. & C. Macias

2-22-21: Natural Homespun Linen Oval Lamp Shade

Jim, The client really likes the lampshade. Thank you for the help and for getting it there in time.
Best, Egan

Natural Homespun Linen Oval Lamp Shade Cream, White, Beige 12-18"W

1-25-21:Hi, Jim,
The lampshades are beautiful, I am very happy with them.
The shipping box was actually torn open in two spots, but thanks to the excellent packing job, the shades arrived in beautiful condition.
A question: Is the grey bubble wrap able to be recycled?
Thank you for your excellent service!
All best, Maria

Shallow Drum Lamp Shade

Drum Lamp Shade

Tall Drum Lamp Shade

Drum Lamp Shade

1-25-21:Wagon Wheel Chandelier

Hi Jim,
Finally, after 3 months looking for an electrician who can install this wagon wheel in a ceiling 27 feet high, 6 men did the job today!
I am super happy, because it looks gorgeous.
Thank you so much again!

1-25-21:Classic Drum Lamp Shade

Classic Drum Lamp Shade

Hi Jim
We just received the lampshade and it’s just beautiful!
It looks so lovely on our Stiffel lamp.
The packaging was great. It took us 20 minutes to unwrap!
And, thanks for the Butterfinger! Brings me back to my youth.
Thank you so much.
Be well and safe.
Joyce and Jonathan

1-13-21:Natural Linen Coolie Lamp Shade

Dear Jim,
Hello, I received the replacement lampshade and the additional 4 shades I had ordered and all arrived in perfect condition. Thank you for your prompt response to my problem with the initial order.

1-11-21:Coolie Shade

Dear Jim,
Thank you so much for the tracking number. I live in a very large apartment complex and packages are all delivered to a common mail room so without a tracking number I have no way to know when a package is delivered. So, happily, when I checked the number you gave me I saw that it was delivered this morning!!! I just put them on my lamps and I could not be happier!
They are BEAUTIFUL!!! Just perfect!!!
I thank you so much for your excellent customer service. In these crazy, unpredictable pandemic times, I understand that delays are to be expected, so it is wonderful to know that my messages to you were met with a quick response! I appreciate that and will look forward to ordering from you again and recommending your company to friends who are looking for quality shades in endless varieties, shapes and fabrics.
I am truly grateful.
Sincerely, Beverly D.

12-30-20: 6 Way Floor Lamp Shade

6 Way Floor Lamp Shade

Jim, I wanted you to know that the lampshade arrived and is GORGEOUS!
I quickly ripped into the box, unwrapped it and put it on my old lamp! I LOVE IT!
The sleeves arrived in good shape too but did not elicit the emotions that the lampshade did!
Thank you so much for a job well done!
-Carole Ann

12-29-20: Elvis Lamp Shade

Elvis Lamp Shade

Jim, Wanted to take a moment to Thank you for the incredible job you did on my “Elvis Lampshade”!
It is absolutely what I imagined for its mid-century lamp base.
I have been out of town for quite sometime, and this was an incredible surprise to come home to!
Once all is set up, I’ll shoot you a photo of your amazing shade on its original lamp.
Again, Thank you!
Eric W.

12-28-20: Mushroom Pleated Lamp Shade

Dear Jim,
I just wanted to say a massive thank you!!
My lampshade has just arrived and it’s perfect :)
Thank you for a speedy delivery and for a great customer service, I’ll use your services again for sure, and will recommend you to everyone I know.
I have also attached a picture :)
Merry Christmas from London :)
Kind regards

12-14-20: Mushroom Pleated Lamp Shade

The shades finally arrived . As I thought they were stuck in customs. Many thanks for you expert eye. They are truly perfect.
Thank you.

12-7-20: Silk Lamp Shade

Hi, Jim,
I want you to know that the lampshades arrived in perfect condition and they are just what I want.  Thank you for your excellent service.  I appreciate it very much.
We read your note on why your business recycles and we applaud you for your lifelong care for the environment.  That note is really special.
Sincerely, A. Wilson

11-30-20: Mushroom Pleated Lamp Shade

Shade arrived today. It's perfect.
Many thanks

11-30-20: Mushroom Pleated Lamp Shade

Hello Jim and company,
I've just received my order, and have to tell you how very pleased I
am! The large shades I ordered arrived quickly and were in perfect
condition when I unpacked them. They're just as described - beautiful
and of very fine quality.
I am so glad I selected your company when I made my purchase decision.
Thank you again.
Debbie H.

11-18-20: Wagon Wheel Chandelier

Hi Jim,
I haven’t had time to send you this email earlier but I wanted to thank you so much for the beautiful wagon wheel light for the entrance of our home.
Now, we are looking for someone who can install it on our cathedral ceiling so once hanged we’ll send you a picture.
My husband and I are very thankful for your work, for being able to transform our ideas to such a beautiful artisanal piece, you are truly talented. We are delighted with this chandelier, it will give the personality to our whole place.
Thank you so so so much.

11-6-20: Books Lamp

Hello Jim. I received the lamp you created for me yesterday. When I gave it to my husband (who is an avid reader & collector of books), he was immediately thrilled by it! Then; when he realized the stack of books belonged to him, he was over the moon! Great concept & execution! Thank you so very much! Laura Shickel 😊

11-1-20: Books Lamp

Hi, Jim. I absolutely love it! Thank you so much! Laura

10-21-20: Mission Tiffany Lamp

Hi Jim, Just wanted to let you know I received my above order today!  That sure was fast.  Both my husband & I were very pleased with the lamp, and it's sitting on my nightstand.

Thanks for the great service,

10-21-20: Tiffany Lamp Shade Broken Frame Repair

Tiffany Lamp Shade Broken Frame Repair

I received the lamp yesterday and it arrived in great condition! It looks great and I’m so happy to be able to use it again. It has a lot of sentimental value to me. C.C.

10-21-20: Dirk Van Erp Mica Lamp Shade 17-19"W

Dirk Van Erp Mica Lamp Shade 17-19"W

Thanks Jim-- The shade arrived in one piece yesterday and looks great on the lamp.
All best, Leslie

10-2-20:Oriental Lamp Shade
UPS dropped off the above lamp shade Thursday afternoon. The wrapping of the shade impressed me more than I have ever seen, on anything else I have purchased on line.  The shade was extraordinarily protected from damage--even the box had "fragile" written on it.  The shade itself was in perfect condition, and more beautiful than the illustration. I was surprised to receive the shade so quickly.  Your business--and you--are to be congratulated on your high degree of professionalism and service to your customers. Thank you so much. F. HAASE

9-15-20: Rectangle Lamp Shade


8-11-20: Burlap Lamp Shade

Hi, Jim.  Received my replacement shade today.  Looks great!  L.W. Castle Hayne NC

7-28-20: Square Bronze Lamp w/Dirk Van Erp Style Mica Shade 24"H
Square Bronze Lamp w/Dirk Van Erp Style Mica Shade 24"H

Hi Jim, Received the lamp today!!! Love it. Thanks so much for your help.
B Sears

7-26-20: Dirk Van Erp Mica Pendant Light 18.5"W

Dirk Van Erp Mica Pendant Light 18.5"W - Sale !

Bronze Forged Iron Sheer Drum Pendant Light

Drum Pendant Light

Jessica Raw Brass Beige Linen Drum Plug In Pendant Light 19"Wx13"H

Hi! I have to wait until Aug. 7 to leave feedback on my new lamp. I ended up not placing the lamp where I intended and it worked out better! I had to use a Carabiner Spring Snap Link to hang and then had to search for the correct name to order some more hangers. I now need to order another lamp for the original location. That will make 4 lamps that I will have purchased - you are an excellent packer and thank you for the hanging instructions!! Patricia

7-15-20 9:01 PM: Mushroom Pleated Lamp Shade
 Hi, Mr. Hoyle, Thank you for such a prompt response and for kindly refunding half the cost of the lampshades. That is a very fair solution and one I did not expect. I really appreciate your consideration on this. When everything goes perfectly, that’s great, but I think that good customer service shows up in the response when there is a problem. I wouldn’t hesitate to order from you again.
And now to get the lampshades unwrapped and in use!
Thank you very much, Suzanne L.

7-14-20: Coolie Coarse Beige Hemp String Lamp Shade

Coolie Coarse Beige Hemp String Lamp Shade 16-20"W

Jim, The coolie lamp shade arrived on time, and it's perfect!  It is exactly like the photo on your website, and it fits exactly as promised when using your instructions for measurement.  Great service!
Thanks, Walter A. H. Pacifica, California


7-7-20: Smock Pleated Silk Empire Lamp Shade

Smock Pleated Silk Empire Lamp Shade Cream, White 12-18"W

Hello Jim,The lamp shade arrived last evening. I just opened and it is absolutely flawless! And an absolutely perfect fit! I’m so pleased with the fabric and pleating. I so appreciate your kind help in selecting the right one. I now know the only place to go for my lighting needs!, Best regards, Janet D. Auburn, AL

7-6-20:Burlap Lamp Shade

Hello Jim,
The shades arrived yesterday - Sunday.  Just an FYI - when I tracked them, they were sent to Charlotte, then Greensboro, and then to Lenoir.  Doesn't make sense to me(?!), hence the delay in receiving them.  They were in good shape.

They look good.  


6-27-20: Mushroom Pleated Lamp Shade

Hi Jim,
The shades arrived and they are just perfect.
Many Thanks and Best Regards,
P. O'Toole, North Tipperary, Ireland


On 6/19/2020 5:12 PM: Victorian V Notch Bell Drum Lamp Shade 14-18"W

Victorian V Notch Bell Drum Lamp Shade 14-18"W
Thank you it looks so much better than the old shade. Now I need to paint the window sills inside around the new windows. When the need arises will use you again and tell my friends. Have a blessed day Jim. Stacey T.

6-11-20 Mushroom Pleated Lamp Shade

Order received.  Shades are beautiful; I'm very pleased.  Thank you, Jim.
All best in health and wellness,

6-9-20 Mica Shade

Hi Jim, Just a note to follow-up to tell you how much we love the shades!  They are works of art and arrived in perfect conditions. Thanks so much!

6-4-20 Silk Lamp Shade & Burlap Lamp Shade  

Thank you. The one shade came today. The mail seems to forget to scan their packages as they make their way here. I look forward to my other shade soon. We love the one that came today. Looks great.! Thanks for your quick response.

T. Blaszkowski

6-3-20: Hurricane Glass Lamp Shade 6" Fitter

its-v perfect Susan L.P.

Plain Top White Hurricane Glass Lamp Shade 6" Fitter

5-22-20: Oriental Lamp Shade

Good morning. I received the shipment this morning.
Thanks so much for such a beautiful lamp shade it is exactly what I was looking for.
Have a great Memorial Day. Respectfully, J. Prince

5-22-20: Silk Lamp Shade

Thought when I noticed how beautiful the light was from this shade that I needed to send u a pic! So here it is! I ❤️  it! Sue

5-22-20 Stiffel Torchiere Glass Shade

Shade arrived in perfect mint condition! Thank you! - Albqamy

Stiffel Torchiere Shade White 15"W

4-10-20 Mica Lamp Shade
Here it is! It arrived safe and sound. And it looks awesome! Our new house is still under construction so we are at mom’s house and just put it on to make sure it works. It is safely stored in its box until we get the move done.


4-3-20 Slag Lamp Shade Repair
Jim, We received the lamp shade yesterday after the USPS put a tracking on it.  
It looks great. Barb and myself thank you for the good work.
Slag Lamp Shade Repair

The package arrived in an impeccable state, great packaging.
Thank you ever so much for so much care.
Take care and stay save in these hard times.
Sincerely from Germany, Walhausen, Deutschland

Good day Jim, you have come very highly recommended from associates in Hickory. We have a pair of lamps that are in definite need of repair.

3-27-20 Tiffany Dragonfly Repair

6:14 PM, Denise wrote:
Hi Jim and Seth,
Hope this finds you and your families well during these most difficult and trying times.
I received my dragonfly shade today.
You did such a wonderful job.   
Like it...My heart broke when it hit the floor!   I thought... that’s it!  It’s gone forever.
But it wasn’t...because of you!
Holds even more meaning for me now as I see what is happening in NOLA where the shade was customer made.  I hope a shining light will come back to that wonderful city soon and pray for their safety (as well as the rest of the world)
Now that everyone is hunkered down in their homes.   My shade is again shining brightly in my living room window to bring beauty and smiles to me and anyone else who happens to pass by that window!
I have you to thank for that!
Please stay safe,
With hope,
Denise Guerrero

3-23-20 Bouillotte Lamp Shade
Jim,  I love my “boo yatch”. It’s perfect!
Thanks for your help. Be well.

Feb 22, 2020
Hi Jim, I wanted to let you know that I am so excited about my lampshade. It is lovely.
The craftsmanship is awesome.
Thank you for the great work.

Lori on Feb 7, 2020 Mini Glass Plug In Pendant Light
* * * * * 5 out of 5 stars

The seller was very prompt with his shipping, and the lamp is even more beautiful than shown in the pictures. Much nicer than going to a brick and mortar store for lighting!

Glass Plug In Pendant Light Swag Lamp Portable Chandelier Sea Green Bell Mid Century Modern Hanging Victorian Antique Vintage 3.6"W x 8"H

Janet on Dec 18, 2019
* * * * * 5 out of 5 stars

This was an AWESOME hanging light and exactly what I was looking for!
The seller was kind enough to make some custom adjustments for me and this beautiful fixture is now hanging in our bedroom reading area.

Plug In Glass Pendant Light Swag Light Lamp Chandelier Antique Distressed Mirror Mercury Glass Mid Century Modern Hanging Vintage Retro 9"W

William on Nov 6, 2019
* * * * * 5 out of 5 stars

This lamp is exactly what I hoped for and the extra extended cord is perfect!

Plug In Drum Pendant Light Swag Light Lamp Chandelier Cream or White Linen Mid Century Modern Antique Vintage Rustic Retro USA Made 15"W

Libby on Jun 19, 2019
* * * * * 5 out of 5 stars

GORGEOUS. This light makes my room and was super easy to put up.

Art Deco Crystal Globe Sphere Plug In Pendant Light Swag Lamp Chandelier Mid Century Vintage Round Hanging Lamp Oil Rubbed Bronze 10"Wx8"H

sharonleckie1 on Jun 16, 2019
* * * * * 5 out of 5 stars

Fabulous piece and seamless service, thank you.

Art Deco Golden Silver Hobnail Glass Plug In Swag Lamp Pendant Light Chandelier Mid Century Hanging Victorian Antique Vintage 8"Wx16.5"H

tabitha on Jun 15, 2019
* * * * * 5 out of 5 stars


Bronze Wrought Iron & Crystals Plug In Pendant Light Swag Lamp Chandelier Mid Century Hanging Lamp Victorian Vintage Antique USA Made 24"W

natalie1989 on Apr 17, 2019
* * * * * 5 out of 5 stars

This light looks great hanging in our barn!

Rustic Wood Wagon Wheel Plug In Swag Lamp Pendant Light Chandelier Antique Vintage Country Western Cowboy Lodge Log Cabin Steel Rim 24-30"W

Sandra on Apr 6, 2019
* * * * * 5 out of 5 stars

Our pendant swag lamp is more beautiful in person. Since it was custom made, it took a bit longer to receive. However, it was worth having the patience to get it Exactly like we wanted it. You won't be disappointed with this company. :)

Victorian Glass Plug In Pendant Light Swag Lamp Chandelier Crystal Beaded Fringe Mid Century Hanging Antique Vintage Frost White 13-16"W

Barbara on Apr 3, 2019
* * * * * 5 out of 5 stars

Great Seller! Nice Lamp Shades! Well-packaged! Thank's so much! AAAAA+++++

EMPIRE or COOLIE Shape Cream Mushroom Pleated Lamp Shade Tapered USA American Made - Fits Small To Very Large Lamps 10-24" Wide

Laura on Apr 2, 2019
* * * * * 5 out of 5 stars

I love this swag light. So pretty! The craftsmanship is excellent and the product is exactly as described. I’m a little concerned about how easily the metal shade bends, but it is otherwise very sturdy. I would definitely recommend

Antique Brass & Beige Linen Fabric Plug In Pendant Light Drum Swag Lamp Chandelier Mid Century Hanging Lamp Vintage Retro Industrial 17.5"W

Melissa on Mar 9, 2019
* * * * * 5 out of 5 stars

Response time and shipping were great. The lamp itself is beautiful!

Rustic Wood Wagon Wheel Plug In Swag Lamp Pendant Light Chandelier Antique Vintage Country Western Cowboy Lodge Log Cabin Steel Rim 24-30"W

Lisa on Feb 17, 2019
* * * * * 5 out of 5 stars

Cream Linen Plug In Swag Lamp Pendant Light Portable Chandelier Mid Century Modern Hanging Vintage Antique Retro USA American Made 18"W

Nancy on Feb 4, 2019
* * * * * 4 out of 5 stars

The Vintage Art Deco Crystal Globe Sphere was not as expected. If you are trying to match this with a more contemporary decor it really doesn't blend well. The crystals on the globe that I received did not feel or look like real crystals, they felt like plastic. Also, the decorative hanging hooks that were supposed to be in the package were not included. My husband was not happy with the overall appearance, hence we have requested to return it and are awaiting a response to see if our request will be allowed.

Vintage Art Deco Crystal Globe Sphere Plug In Pendant Light Drum Swag Lamp Chandelier Mid Century Hanging Lamp Oil Rubbed Bronze 10"Wx8"H

Bits13 on Dec 30, 2018
* * * * * 5 out of 5 stars

I couldn’t be happier with this piece! It’s always challenging to find a lamp with a plug that can fit our space. Not only did I find one, it’s the perfect MidCentury Style I wanted. Jim was so helpful extending the wire & chain to suit my needs as well. Highly recommend the light & shop.

Antique Brass & Beige Linen Fabric Plug In Pendant Light Drum Swag Lamp Chandelier Mid Century Hanging Lamp Vintage Retro Industrial 17.5"W


Sherri on Dec 3, 2018
* * * * * 5 out of 5 stars

This is a very nice lamp. Seems high quality.

Simple White Fabric Plug In Drum Swag Lamp Pendant Light 18"Wx8.5"H

rowan61000 on Nov 30, 2018
* * * 3 out of 5 stars

I really love the look of this chandelier but unfortunately it arrived broken. The three prongs that connect the shade to the light were completely broken off. I was able to fix it using gorilla glue, but it was not easy to do and now hangs a bit lopsided.

Natural Brown Hemp String Plug In Pendant Light Drum Swag Lamp Chandelier Mid Century Hanging Lamp Vintage Antique Retro Rustic 16"Wx12"H

HiveMind on Mar 21, 2018
* * * * * 5 out of 5 stars

Love the way it fits the space I needed it for. It shipped in a timely manner.

Burlap Drum Swag Lamp or Pendant Light 10"Wx10"H

sandock1 on Mar 6, 2018
* * * * * 5 out of 5 stars

Lamp is beautiful! Perfect for my grandbaby's room! I looked for many months and didn't find anything that came close in quality or price! Wonderful product!

Pure White Linen Fabric Drum Swag Lamp Pendant Light Plug In Hanging Lampshade Lighting, 14" Wide

gaiasprite on Feb 7, 2018
* * * * * 4 out of 5 stars

This lamp is gorgeous and was carefully wrapped and once ready for shipment, came very quickly. My suggestion to the shop is to be very clear on when shipment will be. Always advise who the shipping carrier will be and the tracking number once the lamp is sent.

Vines & Leaves Drum Plug In Swag Lamp 18"Wx8.5"H

Katie on Jun 2, 2016
* * * * * 4 out of 5 stars

Lamp shade arrived in excellent condition. Very quick and easy to install.

Rustic Vintage Antique Burlap Swag Lamp Pendant Light Hanging Lamp Shade Chandelier Plug In Lamp USA Made15" Wide

courtneyrideout24 on Jan 5, 2016
1 out of 5 stars

It's been over a month now and my order still has not been shipped! Very disappointed!

Rustic Burlap Swag Lamp Pendant Light Hanging Lamp Shade Plug In Lamp 15" Wide

Melissa on Nov 24, 2015
* * * * * 5 out of 5 stars

Nice quality and fairly quick shipping. Careful packaging too. I wish I would have asked about the metal color of the chain before ordering. I ended up just spray painting the visible chain a different metal color with Rustoleum paint. So it turned out just fine.

Large Khaki Tan Linen Drum Swag Lamp Pendant Light Plug In Hanging Lampshade 20"W USA

Aubrey on May 20, 2015
* * * * * 4 out of 5 stars

This lamp arrived damaged and I called right away to inform of this. I didn't even have to ship the damaged one back in and received a new, undamaged one a few weeks later, free of charge. That is GREAT customer service. Thank you.

Large Khaki Tan Linen Drum Swag Lamp Pendant Light Plug In Hanging Lampshade 20"W USA

David on May 12, 2015
* * * * * 5 out of 5 stars

Item came in perfect condition. As I was using it as a hanging light I redid the electrical and chain to work for my use. Great product.

Wicker Swag Lamp (Brown or White) Pendant Light Hanging Lamp Shade, 3 Sizes: 15.5", 18", 20" Wide

Kathleen on Apr 1, 2015
* * * * * 5 out of 5 stars

Came quick installed easily looks great

Seashell Swag Lamp Pendant Light Hanging Sea Shells Lampshade Chandelier 11.5" W

CTS06 on Mar 10, 2015
* * * * * 5 out of 5 stars

Very pleased with all aspects of ordering and receiving. Love the lamp, it is exactly what I was looking for.

Pure White Linen Fabric Drum Swag Lamp Pendant Light Plug In Hanging Lampshade Lighting, 14" Wide

TinaMarie on Nov 26, 2014
* * * * * 5 out of 5 stars

This light is perfect over my make-up vanity!

Victorian Silk Gallery Bell Swag Lamp Pendant Light Crystal Beaded Fringe, Cream or White, 4 Sizes 14-20"


Sandra on Nov 26, 2014
* * * * * 5 out of 5 stars

Stunning! Matches the Dirk Van Erp style table lamp that I've had for decades!

Mica Swag Lamp Pendant Light 17"W, 2 Light Art Deco Lighting Dirk Van Erp Style Rustic Arts Crafts Design

zippy1nmn on Aug 8, 2014
* * * * * 5 out of 5 stars

Lovely lamp and I do love the choice in shades. It has a special place in my bedroom and works great. Thank you so much; greatly appreciated!

Small Antique Vintage Art Deco Crystal Lamp 20"H, Graceful Metal Handles, Silk Lamp Shade Circa 1940

gregramm on Aug 6, 2014
* * * * * 4 out of 5 stars

Best Quality, delivery on time.

Wicker Swag Lamp (Brown or White) Pendant Light Hanging Lamp Shade, 3 Sizes: 15.5", 18", 20" Wide

zbrits on Jul 12, 2014
* * * * * 5 out of 5 stars

This lamp took a while to receive but it was worth it! Very nice. Honest seller. 5 big stars.

SALE! Mica Swag Lamp Pendant Light 17"W, 2 Light Dirk Van Erp Style Rustic Arts Crafts Design

kclane on Apr 2, 2014
* * * * * 5 out of 5 stars

A good transaction. Thank you!

Rustic Wicker Rattan Swag Lamp Pendant Light Hanging Lamp Shade Basket 11" Wide

lisa on Mar 17, 2014
* * * * * 4 out of 5 stars

The lamp is beautiful. The seller on the other hand was curt and not willing to negotiate a shipping cost of over $40.00.

BASE ONLY Rare Snake & Maiden Antique Art Deco Porcelain Lamp - 3 Dimensional High Relief, Likely Italian Origin

DONNA on Mar 4, 2014
* * * * * 5 out of 5 stars

This is a fantastic lamp and I really like it. The lamp is very well made and I will buy more from this seller. Thanks :)

Wicker Swag Lamp Pendant Light Hanging Lamp Shade, 3 Sizes: 15.5", 18", 20" Wide

Hermine on Mar 4, 2014
* * * * * 5 out of 5 stars

i love it -- everything and more- thank you

Custom 1 Of A Kind, Off White Silk Swag Lamp, Crystal Beaded Fringe Gallery Bottom Lamp Shade 15" Wide, 9" High

bbeinecke on Oct 26, 2013
* * * * * 5 out of 5 stars

Beautiful. Quick shipping and carefully packed.

Antique Chandelier Hanging Light Burnished Gold with Crystals, 21"Wx18"H - 6 Arm Lights plus 1 Center Down Light

Mildred on Oct 10, 2013
* * * * * 5 out of 5 stars

Very well made, Lampshade was top notch.

Description was very good, worked perfectly, would not hesitate to buy from this vendor again. Thank you

Small Antique Vintage Art Deco Crystal Lamp 19"H, Silk Lamp Shade - Circa 1940

Hello Seth,
Here is my review: # WRBL-LT  Brown Bell Dual Weave Rattan Lamp Shade 12.5-20"W
Seth assisted me on an order for a lamp shade and communicated with me regularly on the status of the shipping.  
It was such a pleasure to work with him and to experience the excellent customer service from him.
Thanks again, Seth!
Michelle LaCour, Kamuela, Hawaii

Dear Mr. Hoyle,
I have been looking for custom made in USA lampshades for a pair of vintage lamps and came across your web site.
I wanted to let you know that I am choosing your company over others because I appreciate so much your policy on recycling and statements about plastic and trash and water.
Thank you for sharing your story and doing your part! I’m happy to support a business like yours that cares about these issues and makes a point of talking about them.
Best regards, Kate

I couldn’t be happier with this piece! It’s always challenging to find a lamp with a plug that can fit our space. Not only did I find one, it’s the perfect MidCentury Style I wanted. Jim was so helpful. B. I. - SKU # CAL-FX3596-1P-SWAG

Hello Seth, The shade made it here today. The mailing box, itself was very well done, no damage to shade, what so ever.  If another shade of ours were ever in need of repair, I know who to send it off to. This delay in mailing time, was due to the post office. Lampshadepro, the Company, was never the problem, you did your job. So Thank You, again!  Hope your getting ready for this storm, we`er going to have on Thursday PM.; Looks big.  Robert

Got the lampshades; they're perfect! My lamps look beautiful and I'm so happy. Thanks for your help, Seth. Best wishes - Doris and Larry

Got my lampshade today. It's perfect! Thanks again and Happy Thanksgiving!  - J. FOX

SKU# HBBUEMP Empire Burlap Lamp Shade 8-18"W - Afternoon Jim, Just received my new burlap lamp shade. I have 2 old brass table lamps that came from my Grandfather's home in 1968. They were in my folks home while I was growing up with burlap shades. Both have been put away for at least 20yrs. (shades long gone). Before my Dad passed in 2014 they were given to me. I was able to put them back together and clean them up. Have been using them with some oddball shades, but something just was not right. (Just got on for the time being to see how it works out). Put my new shade on and it's "awesome". It's a simple thing but it made my day. Hope you have a great day and Thank you... - Steven

SKU# MON9548 Smock Pleated Silk Tall Drum Lamp Shade Cream, White 8-18"W - We ordered 2 shades...both the same Smock Pleated Shallow Drum and Smock Pleated Silk Drum Tall....Oh my goodness what beautiful shades, they work perfectly w/ my 1950's lamps...Outstanding craftsmanship, I will buy ALL my shades from Lamp Shade Pro...timely delivery, packaging was superb..Thank you ..Oh Im ordering another as I type this...DH - D. Helco

SKU# SKU5804 Vintage Mercury Glass Pendant Light 2 Sizes 9-11"W - I know these sell for over $100 - C. Hull

SKU# CALFX35555 Black Bronze Chandelier Sheer Mesh Shades 5 Lights 28"Wx16"H - Definitely unique, just as described except more substantial than photo - N. Davis

SKU# CALFX22931PL Chrome & White Fabric Drum Bar Light 6"Wx9"H - Sleek ultra modern, shinier than photo - C. Hartman

SKU# MWCBK112398 Embroidered Beige Drum Swag Lamp 10"W - Beautiful in my little girl's room! - P. Wilson

SKU# ACCIN31142PN Erin Crystal & Polished Nickel LED Drum Chandelier 18"Wx7"H - Drum light is stunning in day or nighttime - S. Lingerfelt

SKU# WTVINTAGE Antique Vintage Edison Pendant Light Swag Lamp 3-6"W - Good prices. - R. Beam

SKU# GER93 Wire Caged Edison Plug In Mini Swag Lamp 5-7"W - Good deal for the money - J C Willis

SKU# KALCQ6850 Bronze Iron & Crystals Pendant Light 24"Wx25"H - This fixture is gorgeous. I could not be more happy with my purchase. - J. Lobdale

Received my lampshade today. It is beautiful and fits perfectly. I really appreciate the wonderful packing job. Thanks for making the adjustment in shipping as well. You are truly a first class company. - JL

I would like to thank Seth Hoyle for my special order of a swag lamp with a pull chain operation.  The lamp arrived last week in perfect condition and I am so pleased!  Thank you so much.  - E. D.

Jim, I received a box today in a rather ominous way:  the box, marked fragile, was left on the top step at my front door, such that had I opened the door it would be knocked off the step.  Luckily, I have a back door, and used it to go out and around front to pick up my box.  I don't know what that delivery guy was thinking. I ordered your glass lamp shade hoping and praying that I was seeing the picture correctly, and that your measurements were true, and that you really could get a glass shade delivered to my house unbroken.  Well, you guys are GREAT!  It isn't broken and it matches PERFECTLY.   Thank you so much.  I won't forget your good service... Sincerely, B. P. Jackson, MS

Seth, Just wanted to say I got my mica drum shade swag hung and it's beautiful. Thank you! Looks exactly as I was hoping! Have a great day! -  Steve C.

Dear Jim, Our shade arrived today in excellent condition. Looks great. Thank you also for the surprise treat of Mr. Goodbar and the interesting magazine. Fun extras. Great service..... Candace W.

Jim, I received the slag lamp shade and it is beautiful as if it had never been touched.  My lady friend is very happy to have it back and has put it in a safe place.  She was going to just throw it out, but I told her I had seen a broken shade just as the one I have and it was priced at $350.  I thank you and your staff for an excellent job. - R.B.
p.s.  If you want to use any or all of this as a testimonial, please feel free to do so and my home is in Melbourne FL

Thank you, Seth. The harp arrived and is already in place.  Thanks for making this customer happy.  You lived up to your word and  I am very satisfied with my purchase. S.S. - Bellingham, WA

Jim, Good Evening.  I just received this order, and as in the past,  I couldn't be more pleased.  Thank you again.  Wm.

Jim - Received the lamp yesterday.  I love it!  It is perfect for the spot I chose for it.  Thanks for all your help. - M.A. Thornton

Reviews From Our Archives:

12-27-13:  We received the lamp shades today and they are just perfect and our 82 year old mother loves them! Thank you so much and you are a wonderful company!!

Best Regards, N.K. Salt Lake City, UT

6-5-13: Hello.... hunter green pleated shade I ordered arrived today in good condition... and it fits perfectly... so thank you for the prompt service... I will keep you in mind for future shade needs...

5-28-13: Dear Jim, My husband, Bill Winter, asked that I forward this photo (see Uno shades) to you along with his sincere thanks for your help with a recent order. He purchased this wicker shade for the floor lamp that he restored and then discovered he needed a UNO thread - which you quickly and efficiently put in the mail to him as an additional courtesy. He thought you might like to see the finished project!
Thanks again for your help!
Cordially, S. C. W.

4-24-13: Jim, I came in this past Friday on the way to mountains. I have seen your store for a few years and always wanted to stop. When I told my husband he turned around. Now, he is not a shopper so the experience was nice for him, but he was ready to get to our destination. For me, I was in heaven.

We talked for a while and you were so gracious with your time. I love your store. In Charlotte I have never been happy with the selections. So, I was so thrilled with your store. I told my girlfriends in the mountains and told them were to find you. Some want to drive up with me.

I do want to come back without my husband. :) I would also like to bring in two antique chandeliers that I would like your guidance and support on. One has a broken piece I need to replace, if possible. And the other is from the 50's which my father purchased. It is the only thing I have of his, he passed when I was four years old. I did paint it at one time, and I would like your expertise to understand if or should the paint can be removed.

I would also like to shop! I did see a few things I am very interested in.

I know you are retired, I am not. So, I am wondering if there are some Saturdays when you are in the shop? If so I could come up and meet with you and shop. Let me know.

Again, it was a thrill to spend time with you and to wonder through your store. Thank you for such a lovely experience. I hope to have a few more.

- G.A.D. Charlotte, NC 28205, United States of America

4-17-13: Jim, The two 9 x 16 x 12 black, side pleated lamp shades I ordered arrived yesterday. They were amazingly well packaged and were a day early. I wanted to let you know they look great, and I'm very pleased with them. They look fantastic and are well made! I'll give you a call when I'm ready for the next shade order!

Thanks for your super customer service and suggestions!

3-26-13:Dear Jim,
This shade had just arrived safely - and I am absolutely delighted with it. Sincere thanks for your help, and for the excellence of your service.
Kind regards, P. W. - in the UK

3-23-13: The shade looks incredible. Thank you all so much. I really appreciate the hard work you put into it. My girlfriend loves it. Thank you again.
- Preston

3-7-13: Good Morning!
I was sitting here this morning looking at my new shades and wanted to let you know how happy we are with our purchase! I was a bit anxious buying them over the internet but with the lack of local lamp dealers in our area I had no choice. My purchase is perfect…our lamps are back to beautiful.
Thanks, C.M. Nevada City, California

2-15-13: Hi Jim,
The swan lamp arrived today and I couldn’t be happier. I will send you a photo of the pair as soon as possible.
Thank you, and again the lamps look great together, it’s as if they were meant to be together.
Take care,

You guys are geniuses........the shade fits perfectly, and the extra harp you enclosed does the job. It continues to amaze me how you can fit lamps flawlessly at such a great distance.
Many, many thanks.....I'm delighted with the results.
S.D. - Washinton

1-24-13: Mr. Hoyle: My Stiffel lamp shade arrived today and it's just perfect. Thank you so much! I'm so glad I found your website!
- D. K. San Jose, CA

12-26-12: A note to Seth regarding the black lampshade, which arrived yesterday. I absolutely LOVE it.......another winner! Have more to order coming up.......thanks! S. D. East Wenatchee, Washington

12-7-12:Navy blue lamp shades on buffet lamps The lamps look absolutely stunting. I have attached a photo. Thanks Jim :)

- M. L.

12-5-12: Jim, I just received the lamp shade and it is very impressive. Thank you for getting it to me before Friday, I really appreciate it.
Happy Holidays to you. - C. B.

12-3-12: First, want you to know how VERY happy I am with the lampshade I ordered from you last month. Seth was a great help with sizing, etc.....all around , impressive service and merchandise. Now, on to the next one: Am interested in the square pleated corners black shade soft , probably 8x14xx11...
- S.D. East Wenatchee, WA

11-5-12: Dear Jim & Seth,
Thanks so much for your shipping. I received shades...... Very nice......... have a good day...
From Tokyo city... M. Y.

10-30-12: Just wanted to let you know that I received the shades today and I'm delighted. Thank you.
- B. C.

10-18-12: Hello, Jim.
My new shades just arrived and I couldn't be happier. They were packaged carefully and they look beautiful in my living room. I'm getting ready to order another shade. Thanks again for your wonderful products.
- Sheila

7-9-12: I can't recall that I thanked you for the two lamp shades you constructed for me recently (this spring).
The black fabric shade for my husband's office added much to the decor and physically fit the lamp perfectly, just as you said you thought it would.

The custom metal bouillotte shade is incredible. What a spectacular lamp it completed. I could not be more pleased.

Again your company has saved my day and I thank you wholeheartedly.
F. D. Dallas, TX

5-11-12: Hi, My lamps arrived safe and sound yesterday, Thursday, and they look great. I just want to thank all of you for the fine workmanship and service that you provided. We had been debating whether to recover or replace and I’m glad that I discovered your company and that we decided to get them recovered since we were having trouble finding the size that we wanted. They look better now than when we originally installed them in 1978.

Thanks again and it was a pleasure doing business with you.

Take care, Lawrence Philadelphia, PA

5-1-12: Good morning Jim, just wanted to let you know the lamps arrived this morning and are absolutely beautiful! I was so amazed at how fast they shipped and more importantly, the wonderful way that they were wrapped and boxed. I will be saving those wonderful containers and cloth like wrapping, I haven't seen anything like that before and my father worked in a local box factory for years. As soon as I get some other projects out of the way I will be contacting you to find a shade for my Remington table lamp. I may just have to order another floor lamp too as I have decided the torchiere with the gallery shade might not make it into my bedroom, it is looking quite at home standing proud in my living room. These are really nice lamps Jim, they look great! In the photos they appeared larger but in person they are perfectly proportioned for my 1950's contemporary home, not too tall, not too bulky, I love them. Anyone would be foolish to buy an antique lamp off of ebay like I almost did and still have to recondition/rewire them, let alone find the perfect shades for them. Besides the awful condition most are in the prices and shipping is far too high and who knows how well they would have been packed. Your prices are just right, I will be recommending you to anyone looking for nice lamps or shades, you have made me very happy this morning.
Have a great week! T.F. San Antonio, TX

4-18-12: Hello Jim,
FedEx just delivered my new lamp shade (A30102).
 I just wanted to let you know how absolutely delighted I am with it. It is a perfect fit and compliments the lamp beautifully. My grandmother (1899-1979) from whom I inherited the lamp would love it just as much as I do! My thanks to you and Janie for your help in finding just the right shade for me.
Regards, B.G. Los Angeles, CA

3-2-12: Thanks Jim! Customer service, packaging and shipment gets a 5 star rating.
It's good to know there are "Mom and Pop" shops still out there that care about their customers.
Your business made my wife very happy...and that's not as easy to do!
Thanks Again! A.B.  San Diego, CA

11-28-11: Hi Jim. I received the shades for my mom's lamps and LOVE THEM.
Thank you so much. A. W. H., R.N., Ed. D.

11-23-11:Green drum metal lamp shade
Hello, Jim, Many thanks to you, Janie, Janie and everyone else at the Lamp and Shade Outlet for getting me both of my lamp shades in a timely fashion. They are beautiful!

Your quality, craftsmanship, and customer service are indeed top-notch.

Wishing you all a wonderful holiday.

Warmest Regards,
Brian Phoenix, AZ

11-5-11:  Hello Jim, Janie and Janie: I received my shades today and "Oh My God"!!! they are just gorgeous. I had no idea they would be so beautiful. The picture on your website does not do them justice. I chose them because of the color combination to fit 2 bedroom lamps. I thought they would look nice but had no clue they would be so exceptional. I will ALWAYS come to you all for all my shades from now on. Plus I know once my Family & Friends see them, they all will want to know where I got them. What company makes these shades? They must make others as unusual and beautiful as these also. Do you carry others from that company that have different panels and color combinations on one shade? Usually shades are one boring color and your choices are White, Beige, Eggshell & Black if you are lucky. Please reply as I have 2 beautiful Solid Brass lamps in my great room that I had shades custom made for that cost me a lot a few years ago. They are Creme and are very striking. BUT I am a person that likes color. Would love to get shades for these lamps comparable to the 2 shades I just received only in a different color combination. PLEASE tell me what company makes this shade? Thank You so much. A VERY satisfied customer. - N. J. S.  Chicago, IL

10-28-11: Jim - Received shade in excellent condition. You did a wonderful job.
Thank you. J. A. P.  Hilton Head, SC
10-27-11:  Jim, My hand painted glass globe arrived yesterday and I’m very pleased with it.
Thank you, M. J. P-K - NY, NY
10-19-11:  Hi again Jim -- Just wanted to let you know the Dale Dragonfly lamp arrived today -- PERFECT condition due to your SUPERB packing -- thanks so much!  - J. B.  Boston, MA

10-17-11: Lamp shade customer comment and feedback post card I want to express my complete satisfaction with my beautiful lampshade. Thank you for a great product and great customer service.

 Greetings Jim: I do apologize for taking so long to respond back after receiving my lampshades from you - when my husband came home from work the day they were delivered he came into the house and said; "wow, what's in that BIG box on the front porch?" I was preparing dinner, said nothing, turned off all the burners and ran through the house to the front door - he did not know I had pursued finding a source for Stiffel lampshades, contacted you, all that I "put you through, and how patient you were" in helping me to understand what I needed to order (!)

When we opened the box he was delightedly surprised and said; "you finally got us "A" new lampshade" - then came the next and the next and so on - well, Jim, they are beautiful, especially the shade for the floor lamp with the extra glass globe - everything fits perfect and I'm glad for the shorter harp - I'll be contacting your soon for the 14"X17"X16" shade (or whatever, a number or two may be a little off!)

I still need to purchase - again, thank you for all your help, patience, quality products, and great people to do business with - please forgive me for taking so long to send you my expression of appreciation

-- sincerely, C. K.  Wilmington , NC

Jim, Just wanted to let you know the lamp base arrived yesterday, Monday Aug. 8, in perfect condition. Could not believe how well it was packed. Now I have to find something to do with those many yards of packing fabric. I hate throwing things away, and will surely have to find some use for all of that.

I am just so pleased with the lamp. You did a wonderful job in matching the color. I have added a couple picture attachments. It really doesn't show up as good as the actual match because of the glare. But, I can tell you that it is perfect. I really appreciate how great it was to deal with you and all the care and consideration that you showed. I would love to visit your shop, as my daughter-in-law told me how nice it was and all the beautiful and unusual lamps you have. It would be worth a trip just to come to the shop and meet you. Tampa, Fl

Thanks again, so much. J. H. Hampstead, Md
6-1-11:  Just wanted to let you all know that I received the lamp base yesterday ... it was waiting on my porch when I got home from work. I love, love, love it! I've been looking for almost 2 years now for the right lamp base for a tiffany shade that I bought at an antique shop - was a great deal because it had no base. Anyway, just wanted to let you know how happy I am. Also, what a great job you did in packing it. Nice and secure. Thanks again! C.A.

5-12-11:  I am so much more than impressed I can't think of what to say. What a beautiful job she's done, please thank her profusely for me.
Thank you all for this great service you provide and the terrific customer service, Noreen.
(Antique slag lamp with broken glass shade. Heavy layers of green paint on the lamp and shade frame were removed and refinished - then rewired with period electrical components.)  Myrtle Beach, SC

3-29-11: Hey Jim,
The lamp looks great! With a little effort I was able to hang it over our kitchen table. We love it. Thanks again for your work.
Regards, B.P. Los Angeles

3-4-11: The two lamp shades I ordered just 5 days ago have arrived and they are exactly as described on the web site and by the lady taking my order over the phone. We have been looking for replacement shades for some 30-40 year old Stiffel lamps for several years and could not find anything we liked until now. They look great! The lady helping me on the phone went out of her way to measure and describe the shades to ensure I knew what I was ordering (I knew next to nothing about fabrics, and knew nothing about harps, etc.). It was a pleasure doing business with you and I have already started sharing your contact information with friends and family. We won't be replacing shades often, but I will start with you whenever the need arises.

Thank you - E.A.W. Jr.

2-10-11: Jim - Please excuse the delay in letting you know the status of the shade. Right during its arrival, I was in the midst of moving to San Antonio and considered that the shade was in the best condition for travel as it was - in the box/un-opened. Only a week or so ago we we in a position to set up those special items (including the lamp/shade) to a usable condition.

That said, upon opening the box/setting it up, it became readily apparent that several panels were replaced and that extra effort was taken to make it right - I was most impressed!

Recognize that the process to get to this point took some time, but I'm pleased to know that you/your team stands behind your word/workmanship - that has great value and exhibits great customer service.

Thank you Jim - this is a special family heirloom that you brought back into use and daily appreciation.

- H. P.

2-3-11: The shades are spectacular! The black shade on the brass (oriental-design) Stiffel is absolute perfection. The cream shade could be mistaken for the original shade on the Stiffel pineapple regency lamp. I sincerely appreciate your advice and assistance in this venture. Since I need one more shade similar to the cream one, I will be back in touch with you soon. Thank you so much. Fran D...  Omaha

10-23-10: I just want to thank you for the beautiful lamps. You would have thought it was Christmas time when they arrived. We could not get the boxes open faster enough for being so anxious and excited. There was paper all over the dinning room floor and we did not care; any other time it would have been a problem. All phone calls had to cease. They are simply beautiful. They are gorgeous. They remind me of the lamps my mother had before Katrina. She had the porcelain lamps with the naked ladies with the gold trim and the shades were similar to the ones we received from you. Everybody is happy; the house is happy. We thank you for your time and cooperation. Thanks so much. We will pass you websites on to other family members and friends. THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

10-22-10 From one of our very nice Tiffany lamp customers in Australia:
Just a quick message to let you know that the conversion work is finished and that the blue dragonfly lamp now graces the study. As you can see, it looks well set among other lead light lamps.

Thanks again to everyone for their help. Regards, Joseph. Virginia Beach

10-1-10: Jim, The slag lamp repair arrived and I am very very pleased with the results. Thanks again J.B. Mesa

9-21-10: Dear Mr. Hoyle, Some time ago a friend of mine accidentally broke a globe on one of a set of matched lamps I own. He contacted your organization to see what could be done. Two days ago I received the results of your work. With the exception of a VERY slight variation in the shape of the globe, over which you have no control, the globe you copied is virtually identical to the original. No one to whom I have shown the lamps can even see any difference at all in the globes. I cannot say enough about the artwork. The colors are identical to the original, both when the light under the globe is off AND when it is on. Even the brush strokes on the copy appear to go in the correct direction. Needless to say, the graphic detail on the copy is identical to the original. Kudos to your artist. He or she is in the wrong line of work. They could make as an art forger! You people have to be the best in your business.
Sincerely, C. K. S. Wilmington, DE

8-24-10: Jim, Just wanted to let you know that I received my lamp shade. It looks fabulous on the lamp!! Sacramento
It as been a pleasure dealing with you and I absolutely love the fact that the shade was made here in North America!!! Thanks again and have a great day! C.M. Albuquerque

8-23-10: Mr. Jim Hoyle, Alicia helped me with my order. She was so helpful, so polite and so patient. I really enjoyed talking to her. She had so much patience with me. Her voice was so pleasant and so was she. Thank you. F.A.H. Houston, Texas

8-21-10: Hi: The shades arrived today and they look great. The Pleated Gallery silk bell lamp shade is truly elegant and my favorite! What a beauty. Thank so you much! R.F. New York

8-2-10: Hi Jim... You did a fabulous job... Thanks for everything Jim - working with you has been a pleasure - you do fine work, and if only I still had that antique amber pill bottle (HUGE, cracked, then destroyed) I'm sure you could have brought it back to life. I will send off the other shade sometime soon. Again, thanks, to all at the Outlet, for your professionalism, friendliness, and extraordinary craftsmanship! - CA
7-29-10:  Hello. I am delighted with the "little hat" shade and how it complements this lamp. I also appreciate the tips on "polychroming" and was able to achieve that effect with this lamp. The flash was necessary because it is such a dark room, but it doesn't do the subtle aspects of the shade or the coloring any favors. Still, I wanted to share it with you. B.M. - Louisburg, N. C.
7-8-10: Jim, It has been a pleasure to deal with you. And I am so happy that is being made here in North America!!!  Thanks again, Cindy

6-29-10: Hello Jim, I received the lamp today and just wanted you to know that I am totally delighted. If this was ebay you would get 6 stars.!!!!!!! Pleasure doing business with you. I may be ordering again from you. Thank you so much, Nan - Long Beach

6-21-10: Dear Jim, Thank you very much for your help here and on the phone earlier. Unfortunately I can’t invest $100 in this lamp which I bought for $10, lovely as it is, since I am not working right now and need to make my bank account last. But I wanted to say that I love your website with the environmental messages, and page about recycled packaging materials and the ocean plastic gyre. You are a man after my own heart and I encourage you to keep it up. Too many people go along oblivious to all these problems. I really appreciate your actions! Your business looks wonderful and I will come back in the future for any lamp need when my fiscal conditions improve.
Best regards - A.O.
6-17-10: Hi Jim, Our new lamp shade for our Stiffel lamp arrived today. It fits beautifully and is of a much nicer quality than the one that came with the lamp. Thank you for making a lamp shade purchase so easy. - A. S. Kansas City
5-19-10: We have been impressed with the quality of your shades and service. E.H. Miami
3-24-10: Hi Jim, The Shades arrived last week. They are perfect and the new harps put them at the correct height. Thanks for the great service. - J.  L.
3-17-10: Hi Jim! I just got my miller slag glass lamp shade at my office today & it looks gorgeous and is restored to its beauty so thanks so much. I was heartsick when I first sent it to you and now it looks wonderful. How did you do it? You mentioned that someone makes the glass? I am curious how the process is done because it looks amazing. - Best, Adrienne
3-1-10:  Hi Jim. We got the (mica hanging) lamps and got them up. We love them! Thank you. Your company was great to do business with! I attached a pic. Thanks again, Marta  Chicago

2-25-10: I received your shades and must write to tell you how happy I am with them! I’ve been looking for replacement shades for quite a while now, and yours are of superior quality and match my lamps perfectly.

Thanks! Carol  New York

2-22-10 Jim, I received the shade I ordered today, it arrived in fine condition. This shade is very nice and exactly what I was looking for. Thanks, Rick

2-16-10: Hi Jim, My husband and I just returned from 3 days working on our cabin and the lamp was waiting for us on our return :) I just wanted to let you know that it's perfect! Give Gracie a rub on the head from me :) Thank you! - Renee'  San Jose

2-11-10 Hi Jim, Just checking in to let you know that I'm really enjoying my beautiful 6-way Victorian Floor lamp. I did check out what you have in stock now and they are lovely but I'll keep what I have. Thanks for all of the up dates. Dallas

2-9-10: Jim et al, The package arrived intact today. Great lamp shade, and it's perfect for the lamp and room. I will definitely tell people about you.
Thanks/Fred Los Angeles

1-28-10: We have received the beautiful lamp shade today and I just wanted to let you know how happy we are with it, and with bringing back to me the memories of honest to goodness old fashion American folks that my dad used to tell us about. Thank you again sir and looking forward to doing business with you in the future. - L.H. San Antonio

1-26-10: I want to tell you that I received the shades and really love them. Thank you, S.V. Chicago

1-21-10:Jim, I want to thank you and your staff for a wonderful job restoring the (slag) shade. I cannot tell what was repaired. It all looks original and it is an item to remain in the family. Thanks - Alan San Francisco

12-31-09: Yvonne, Just a note to let you know the lamp arrived in at Don & Isabel's door steps in Eufaula, OK, and it was a huge hit and a very Merry Christmas!
It would not of happened without your GREAT customer service.
Best regards & many, many thanks! - R. & P. S. San Francisco

12-7-09: I received the repaired lamp shades a couple of weeks ago. Nice work. We are very satisfied. Sorry it took so long to get back to you with this thanks. - T.M.
12-2-09: Mr. Hoyle, I received my glass lampshade back today and it fits perfect. I really appreciate all the help that you gave me. THANK YOU - Ron
11-25-09: The lamp shades are beautiful. I could not be any happier. They allow plenty of light flow and best of all they fit the old floor lamps perfect, and very reasonably priced. Thank you so much! I even got lamp shades in time for Thanksgiving. - S.O.
11-24-09: Hello! I'm writing to say how much I like the two new clip-on off-white string lamp shades. They look beautiful on the old white porcelain wall sconces in my powder room. Thanks! - C.M.
10-22-09: I received the shades yesterday and am very pleased with the quality, thanks -R.D. Dallas
10-17-09: The black pagoda shade fits perfectly Denver
10-12-09: Hi, Received my lamp shade. It is beautiful. I don't have the floor lamp with me as it is in the garage in the condo I'm purchasing so I'm going to try and go over after work one evening and see how the shade looks on my floor lamp. Thanks so much and have a good week. Best regards, N.
10-12-09: Jim! Got my new lamp base here out in Burbank, California--- the lamp looks GREAT on it, really transforms it. (Thank goodness someone I know actually WANTED the old ceramic one, yuck!) I appreciate you walking me through all the various base options, the accompanying hardware, etc., etc. VERY happy results, and would recommend your company to anyone. Thanks again, and happy business! J. G.  Houston
10-7-09: Hello, I thought that you might like to see what I did with the swag lamps that you made for me (they show how you can decorate a plain shade to your personal preference).. As you can see, I added blue beading and gold trim to match the color scheme in my living room. I'm really pleased with how they look and will definitely keep you in mind for my future lighting needs. - S. S. Pittsburg

9-28-09: Dear Jim, We are so happy with our new lamp that we had to send this picture to you. Hopefully it will open for you. Thank you so much for your prompt and courteous service. We will be referring you and your business to friends and family. Thank you again - E. and L. W.
9-24-09: Hi Jim, The shades arrived yesterday and they are simply perfect. Thx so much for your great service! PA
9-16-09: The finishing that you did on the metal of the gone with the wind lamp is terrific. Thanks so much. M.M.  Los Angeles
9-15-09: Thank you for your stellar service and follow up. PA
9-2-09: Dear Mr. Hoyle, I received the shade you found for me.  I can’t thank you enough for your efforts.  It is absolutely beautiful and exactly what I was looking for.  Each room in my house has a theme and the fall colored grape leaves fit my mudroom perfectly. Thank You Again - S.N. Mont Vernon NH
8-18-09: Jim and all, Thank you for a good job; we love the swag/hanging lamp.8-15-09: Dear Jim, Thanks for the good advice you gave me regarding the selection of lamp shades for my two Stiffel lamps. My wife and I are very happy with the lamp shades. They are really beautiful. And, I am most satisfied with your service. Your web site is outstanding. It was easy to browse and fascinating to see such a selection.
Thanks again, John Chicago
7-31-09: Everything works perfectly and the lamp shades look beautiful. Thank you very much. H. and J. N. - New York
7-31-09: The lamp shade arrived and it is very perfect. P.J.
7-28-09: Hi Jim, The lamp shade arrived today as predicted. It is beautiful and we made the right decision on the size. Thanks for your help.....................D. E. Bellingham, WA
7-27-09: Received the lamp shade.  It's perfect!  Thanks again for your advice.  Appreciate the recyclable packing material too.  Best Regards, E.
7-22-09: I love my lamp shades ! Thank you ! - M.A. Atlanta
7-15-09: Have received my lamp shade. The quality is very nice. I have passed your website along to family members! Sincerely, D.W. Carrollton, VA
7-2-09: I rec'd my order yesterday and want to tell you how beautiful it is! The pictures do not do it justice. On another matter, I'm wondering if you might have a drum lamp shade about the same size or a little larger that has a botanical print (ferns, etc.) cover. I didn't see any on your web site but thought I'd ask anyway. A.E. New Orleans
5-26-09: Hi Jim, my lampshade is great- thanks for helping me choose which one would best suit my lamp. It was packed great- very securely and arrived in perfect condition. thanks again c. j. Tucson
5-15-09: Thank you for your recommendation of the glass torchiere lamp shade for my Dad's lamp. Yes, it is different than the original glass shade but it is a good different and I thank you for helping me through the selection process. I guess you need to really thank Gracie. If it were not for her I may have thought you were just another lamp store! Have a great weekend. I am still contemplating a lamp shade but I am unsure of covering up the glass. K.A.
5-13-09: I received my lamp yesterday and I LOVE it! Thank you so much for the excellent customer service and the great lamp! - N.A.
5-4-09: Jim - just wanted to let you know I got the lamps - they look great. Thanks Oklahoma City
5-1-09: Hi, The lamp shades are beautiful. Thank you so much. So glad I didn't pick up some cheap ones. We have them on old Roosevelt Lamps which are understated elegance and the shades are perfect. -J.  Portland
4-29-09:Hi Jim, the box was sitting outside the door at midnight. Thank you so much for repairing my lampshade!!! Respectfully, L. C.
A VERY HAPPY customer!!! Las Vegas
4-1-09:Good morning Jim, I just wanted to thank you for all you assistant in getting my lamps, I was very happy with the service and the product, I received the lamps last Friday and when I opened the boxes and saw them I was so happy – they are beautiful!!!. Thanks again and good luck to you and your company!! Seattle
3-31-09:Hi Jim, I just received my Tiffany lampshade in the mail. WOW, It looks GREAT!!! I own 10 Tiffany lamps and will not hesitate to contact you if anything happens to any of them. Thanks, L C - Nashville
3-28-09: Hi Jim, I just wanted to let you know that I received the finials yesterday and they are perfect. I appreciate your help and the personal service of your company. It is very refreshing and I will highly recommend you. Thank you, E.D. San Diego
3-25-09: Hi Jim, Just a short but warm note to let you know the slag glass panels arrived today; safe and sound. Oh Jim, I waited until this evening until the room where the lamp is became somewhat dark in the evening light to see how it looked lit up, and I must tell you; IT LOOKS ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!! The color of the slag glass panels couldn't be better and the size is just perfect! I now have another wonderful lamp all fixed up ... and ALL THANKS TO YOU. Wow Jim, am I ever glad I found you and I am sure the future will find us doing many projects together. I just love the old lamps and can't understand why anyone would ever just go to a store and purchase a new lamp .. they sure don't know what they are missing do they?! THANK YOU JIM .. GOOD JOB .. you have made me a very happy Lady tonight and I just wanted you to know (I love the color of the slag glass)! A MILLION THANKS TO YOU!! Very sincerely, Marion - Washington
3-25-09: Hi Jim, Our new lampshades arrived yesterday and I could not wait to put them on the lamps. The shades and new finials are perfect for our bedroom as they go so well with our French Country style that you would think a designer arranged our room. Your assistance and expertise is greatly appreciated. Thank you for your input and quick delivery. E. B. Canada
3-16-09: Hi Jim, This is C.W.  I purchased a shade for my Stiffel floor lamp a while back and my lamp shade just arrived a few days ago. I must say the shade looks beautiful and fits the lamp perfectly! Thank you for your personal help in finding the right lamp shade! I am recommending you to my mother who wants to get a lamp shade for her Stiffel lamp as well. Thanks Again, C.W. Germany
2-26-09: ...shades arrived alive and well. It fits and matches perfectly into the room.  Three words:  Thank you, Jim!!! Italy
2-21-09:Hi Jim, Absolutely fantastic. You folks are artisans in the true sense of the word. It is not often I am thrilled that I live in the age of the internet and computers, but in this case I would never have found Hoyle Lamps! I will get the $ off to you on Monday and you should have them Tuesday. Keep me posted with shipping date, tracking number, etc. Also, don’t forget the little desk lamp – and the ruined pieces of the shade I sent you and the glass. Our youngest has a friend who is a metal worker and he wants to fiddle around with the pieces. Although this “new” lamp shade is so spectacular, I cannot imagine that I ever really loved the broken one I sent you.
Thanks again, Jim. It has been a pleasure working with you. Best regards, C. K. Phoenix
2-3-09: Thank you Jim,  I am impressed and it was nice to talk with a warm, friendly human being that has a name.. Tom France
1-30-09: Also, we wanted to take a moment & let you know how very much we appreciate ALL that YOU folks at LAMP SHADE OUTLET have done in putting back together a special treasure for us by bringing back a little more delightful light into our home & lives once again!!!
You're da best!!! Sincerely, respectfully, & gratefully, M. & L. C. Lake Isabella, Calif.
1-29-09: I just wanted to let you know that I received the lampshade today. It is perfect. It is absolutely beautiful and the quality is excellent. Thanks you so much. I love lamps, so I plan to return in the future! P.G. El Paso
1-8-09: My daughter, M. S., and her sister and their families, got together and ordered a "swag" lamp for my living room for Christmas. I am really enjoying it. I especially like the two-way switch. I can have a soft light just to have some light in the room or a bright light to read by.
12-22-08: Received it and it is PERFECT! Thank you for your quick delivery! I will definitely purchase from you again. Happy Holidays! Milwaukee
10-30-08: Dear Jim, I received my lamp shades today and put them up right away. They look so beautiful and elegant. Thank you. P.M. Cave Junction, Or.97523
10-20-08:Jim - Got my lamp shade today and could not wait to see how it would look on the lamp that I wanted to put it on. This is a very beautiful antique crystal lamp that I got at an auction. (I am into antiques) The lamp did not have a shade on it when I bought it, so I ordered one from you. Wish you could see it in person because it really makes the lamp super. I am sending you a picture of it (not to good) so you can see how it looks. If I ever need another lamp shade, I would not hesitate to order one from you. -Thanks Again, W. V., Oskaloosa, IA 52577, Shade #06745
10-8-08: Hi Jim: Received my lamp shade today and I am so very pleased. It's beautiful and was well worth the time and effort spent on the Internet to find you and your lovely lamp shades. Thanks again and if I hear of anyone that needs your service, I will recommend you highly. B.
10-3-08: Dear Jim Hoyle, I just received my order and I am so happy. It has been three years since I could use this floor lamp and the glass torchiere is just like the one I had. Thank you so much for all your help. It looks great in my living room again. Regards, N.M. Boston
9-22-08: Thanks for you help with the lamp shade. It is the perfect size. S.D.8-21-08: Dear Jim,
I wanted to let you know that I received the 4 lamp shades that I ordered from you yesterday as promised.  I was extremely pleased with the beauty, quality and workmanship on all of the lamp shades.  But I must say that the 2 rectangular lamp shades (DS68-18) with the flared bottom are more beautiful than the original shades that came with the lamps.  Even my husband, who could care less about lamps or shopping, remarked how beautiful all the shades looked. I will recommend you, your company, and website to everyone, and I will shop your website again in the near future.  It has been a pleasure, and I did not even have to leave my house! Thanks again. Sincerely, L C Fort Worth
7-29-08: Thank you so much for the replacement torchiere lamp shade (dish type).  We had broken ours, and I wasn't sure the new one would work, fit, be the right color, size, and be a reasonable price.
It was all these things. THANK YOU SO MUCH!  C. C. Pittsburgh, PA
7-16-08: Jim,  Just wanted you to know that I received the lamp shades last week and they are fabulous.  I am sorry I have not written to Thank You sooner but have had a couple of family issues that took my time. Again many thanks and the lamp shades are just beautiful.  I will pass your site forward to friends etc. Many regards, L. C. Charlotte
5-20-08:i just wanted to say thank you again. when i got home from work today the package was sitting on my porch. i put it on my lamp and it fits like a glove! it looks just like the old one i had but better! thanks again you really made my year!!!!! v. and t. Baltimore
5-6-08:Dear Mr. Hoyle: The lampshades I ordered arrived a short time ago.  I have removed my 30 yr. old shades, polished my "cut glass" lamps, crowned them with the new shades, and my whole bedroom looks brand new. "cut glass" lamps, crowned them with the new shades, and my whole bedroom looks brand new.
Thank you so much for your website.  I can't tell you how long I have been looking for those exact lamp shades.  The packing was great and, Fed-Ex actually brought them to my front door.  The billing came yesterday so I am all right with the world.
I live in a ranch-style condo community so I am going to spread your name around as someone to do business with. Sincerely, J. F. Christiansburg, VA
4-23-08:Thanks, Jim, for your thorough and expert help on the evaluation. C. W. (lamp appraisal) Memphis
4-22-08: Package arrived today. thank you. Almost perfect match for our 34 year old lamp. Thanks again, J.F. Houston
4-3-08:received shade today Jim.....excellent service again ....t y
Dear Jim,  I just wanted to tell you know that my lamp shade came today (Tues. Mar. 18th.) and it looks wonderful!! I'm so pleased to have it, it took my husband and I sometime to find the base, it's been packed away for years and years!!! Again, Thank you so much for a job well done!!  Sincerely,  D. B. Austin
3-12-08: We have finally had time to put our lamp back together. The piece is perfect and the color of the patina is great. You cannot tell that there has been damage to the lamp and that a replacement repair has been put in place. Thank you for your great assistance in this matter. We have several Tiffany reproduction lamps and I am sure we will be using your service in the future for lamp repair and/or replacement. Thank you so much and wishing you a great and blessed day....R. and R. C. Columbus
2-27-08: Just wanted to tell you that the 3 shades arrived safe & sound today...They are great! Thank you for such professional service..M. R. Pennsylvania
The lamp is fantastic!! It is in our library area of the house so that it shows all those beautiful colors over a large area of the written word. We could not be more pleased with the item. I am a science person, and to have an item made of one of NC's minerals is exciting to me. I love the way the mica refracts light from the bulb. I will look for more items from you. Since I live in North Carolina, I thought that I might visit your store if that is possible. Take care. Item was exactly as described. Great response time. S. B. in North Carolina
I just received the lamp this morning and am very pleased. It is even nicer than I imagined! This will be an Easter gift, and I know it will be a hit! Thank you so much for your prompt shipping & follow up! Gorgeous lamp! Arrived quickly, well-packaged & in great condition. Thank you!  Sincerely M. M. in Virginia
To everyone at Lamp Manufacturer Factory Outlet: I was so happy to have found you! Your products are beautiful quality, yet prices are extremely reasonable. In fact, I could not find anything close to the same quality at two, three & four times the price. Your response time was great, too. I received my shipment very quickly. Thank you so much! J. R. in San Diego, California
Fast service - packed very well. A pleasure doing business with this seller. P.M. in Chicago, Illinois
Gorgeous lamp! Arrived quickly, well-packaged & in great condition. Thank you!
Beautiful! I'm very happy with my lamp. Super quick shipper, too! A++++++
Prompt and courteous, with excellent communication and follow-up.
Thank You Very Much!!!!!!!!!!
Gorgeous! Thank You!
Great communication. A pleasure to do business with.
Fast service - packed very well. A pleasure doing business with you...
When you say customer service you really mean it. Thanks so much for your help ! Jacksonville
11-27-06: R. C. and I just opened the lamp box tonight and put the lamp together....She just screamed (literally screamed) with excitement.
It took us two hours and twenty minutes to decide where to put it and how it should be sitting. I'm going to have a strong drink before turning in tonight. She is SOOOOOOOOO happy with this purchase. If you need anyone to put any positive comments about your company on your website just let me know... J.R. - Durham, N.C.
11-27-06: Today we received our lamp that you had repaired. We know that it was impossible to restore it to the original design but we are extremely pleased with the metal section that you used to replace our shattered glass section. Thank you very much. Also, we felt that your charge was very reasonable... W.& J. - Port St Lucie, FL
12-19-06: Thank you very much! I am very pleased with the outcome of the appraisal, and I thank you very much for time in doing the appraisal. I told my mom about the outcome of the appraisal, and she is interested herself in possibly doing some on the antique lamps she has. So I most likely will be contacting you again very soon. Thank you again. S. K. Birmingham
12-20-06: Subject: LAMPS....LAMPS.....LAMPS Hi Jim, I received my delivery of the lamp A-908 and the lamp shade I ordered. They both look great and I'm very pleased. Thank you so very much for your help with my order. I appreciate it. Merry Christmas FROM JAYNE AND JOE
1-3-07:The floor lamp base for my Tiffany shade arrived and it is perfect . Many thanks - J.P. UK
1-4-07: I received my lamp several weeks ago and am very pleased. It is so good to have my Mother's lamp working again. Here is a photo of it with the lamp shade that you helped us pick out. Thank you for your help. We think the shade looks great. - S.M. Tallahassee
1-31-07: (phone call) I just wanted to call to let you know we received the lamps and they are just perfect. I appreciate your help in changing the heights and the stone accents are beautiful. We will definitely come see you again. - L.W. Lancaster, S.C.
2-17-07: I am so glad my sister and I found your beautiful store. We will most definitely be coming back. B.H. Cherryville, N.C.
2-23-07: Hi Jim, A big hug and big thank you to you for best customer service I have ever experienced so far on the internet..... I salute you.... Thank you again, Sir.. Canada
3-14-07: Jim: Got the lamp yesterday. It looks great... Thanks, Ron Philadelphia
3-29-07: Dear Jim, I received your beautiful lamp yesterday and I wanted to be certain you knew how delighted I was with you, your son AND your lovely lamp. I will be looking for some more of those. If you ever get in anything that you think is very extra special, please let me know - in the 6 way. I have a few more dark corners! You were a pleasure with whom to work and I thank you, Jim. Best regards, B.M.
4-16-07: I enjoyed seeing your new place. Also wanted to thank you for the nice door prize. I am using it in my bedroom. You and your employees are always so nice that is one reason I always enjoyed shopping there. Thanks again.... M.C. San Antonio
5-16-07: Jim: I finally got pictures of the finished product. We are very pleased with the lamp you made for us. It serves it's purpose great and we have had a number of nice comments on it. R. & C. H.
7-13-07: Hello! Just received my repaired lamp. It is beautiful! I know it has lost its "value", but not its value to me! Just wanted to thank you very much for bringing that small piece of family back into my living room. I cannot wait for it to get dark! thanks again, J.M. Detroit
10-12-07: Jim, received shade today, looks great, arrived in one piece. Thank you, Mel - Colorado!
11-26-07: Dear Jim, The lamp base arrived Saturday evening in beautiful condition. Our tiffany dragonfly lampshade looks right at home now. Thank you so much, M.G. San Jose