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Our reading lamps are designed very specifically to provide excellent focused and directed lighting for reading, sewing and other work projects.

Characteristics of an Excellent Reading Lamp:
1) First the lamp and shade must be designed with an offset light source that directs light to the side
2) Second, adjustable necks and arms should allow pointing the light in a various directions of up, down and around for optimal reading
3) Third, the lamp base must constructed of all metal with a very sturdy weighted base for stability and durability
4) Fourth, the light bulb should be a common type that is easy to find either incandescent, LED or fluorescent. Many so called reading lamps such as the highly tauted earth lamps or sunlight lamps require proprietary light bulbs that are very expensive. When the bulb or electrical components of these lamps become defective, it is impractical to repair or replace and usually ends with discarding the lamp.

Our reading lamps are very sturdy fine quality all metal and use standard electrical components and light bulbs that are widely available (Incandescent, CFL Fluorescent, LED).

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