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You'll love our bold black lamp shades handcrafted of silk, paper and metal in a variety of lovely shapes. Black lampshades are eye-catching, design neutral and coordinate with most design styles and colors. Designers include black lamp shades in many rooms throughout the home.

Sizes are listed in inches: Top width x Bottom width x Side

Make a bold statement in any room with our black swag lights that we make from many of these black lamp shades.

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Black Bell Silk Lamp Shade 8-20"W
Black Lamp Shade Custom Hand Painted
Black Metal Floor Lamp Shade 13-19"W
Oval Bell Silk Lamp Shade, Cream, White, Black 10-18"W
Black Square Asian Oriental Pagoda Silk Lamp Shade 10-16"W
Empire Black Paper Lamp Shade 10-20"W
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Empire Silk String Lamp Shade 6 Colors 8-20"W
Black Rectangle Lamp Shade Bell Silk Cut Corner 8-20"W
Black Paper Coolie Lamp Shade 16-24"W
Black Tapered Rectangle Silk Lamp Shade 12-18"W
Rectangle Cut Corner String Lamp Shade Off White, Taupe, Black 8-20"W
Bouillotte Black Paper Lamp Shade 10-18"W
Black Pleated Silk Coolie Lamp Shade 20"W - Sale !
Black Silk Coolie Lamp Shades 16-24"W
Square Cut Corner Silk String Lamp Shades 12-18"W
Black Silk Shallow Drum Lamp Shade 12-18"W
Black Square Bell Cut Corner Silk Lamp Shade Cream, White, Black 8-18"W
Coolie Silk String Lamp Shade Off White, Taupe, Black 16-22"W
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Black Straight Rectangle Lamp Shade 14-16"W
Black Bouillotte Metal Lamp Shade 13-19"W
Custom Metal Bouillotte Lamp Shade
Black Silk 6 Way Floor Lamp Shade 17-19"W
38 Fringe Colors For Black Lamp Shades 2-36"
Custom Fringe For Black Lamp Shades
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