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Our genuine mica lamps emit warm dramatic light creating a lovely atmosphere similar to a fireplace, hand crafted from real mica mineral mined from the earth

We make custom mica shades and custom mica lamps up to 96 inches wide, limited only by your imagination - just ask.

See our mica floor lamps and our mica lamp shades

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Bronze Iron & Mica Desk Lamp Curved Arm Adjustable 24"H - Sale !
Bronze w/Drum Shade Mica Lamp 24"H
Bronze Lamp Dirk Van Erp Mica Shade 26"H - Sale !
Adjustable Bronze Lamp Silver Mica Shade 25-29"H
Square Bronze Lamp w/Dirk Van Erp Style Mica Shade 24"H
Mica Lamp w/Dramatic Night Light Dirk Van Erp Style Shade 20"H
Market price: $410.00, save 59%
Market price: $575.00, save 39%
Market price: $545.00, save 63%
Market price: $515.00, save 40%
Market price: $435.00, save 38%
Small Bronze Lamp w/Dirk Van Erp Style Mica Shade 17"H
Custom Wood Lamp Mica Shade 26"H
Elk, Deer, Pine Trees Wood Mica Lamp 27"H
Cedar Wood Lamp Black Bears Pine Trees Mica Shade 27"H
Bronze Iron Curved Arm Reading Task Mica Desk Lamp 25"H
Oak Wood Deer Pine Trees Mica Lamp 27"H
Market price: $375.00, save 39%
Market price: $400.00, save 38%
Pine Trees Natural Oak Wood Mica Lamp 27"H
Pine Cone Needles Mica Lamp 25"H
Cedar Wood Lamp With Mica Shade 25"H
Amber & Silver Mica Samples
Example of Real Mica Used To Make Our Shades
Bronze Swing Arm Reading Lamp Mica Shade 22"H
Call for details
Call for details
Market price: $270.00, save 37%