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Recycle Policy

Jim Hoyle With His Beloved Dog Gracie Jim with His Beloved Gracie

Lamp Shade Pro has used recycled materials for packing and shipping since our beginning in May 1975.
We use all kinds of clean soft recycled packing materials.
New boxes are made locally from sustainable forests.

Growing up on our cotton farm in Lincoln county North Carolina, I remember helping my dad pick up trash along the dirt road running through our farm. We used our tractor and trailer and cleaned out the side ditches of bottles, cans and trash thrown out of passing cars. It was a nasty job but it taught me the importance of keeping our country beautiful and clean and the price we pay for littering.

Once upon a time my older brother Dickie jumped into his car and chased down a litter bug.
News of this confrontation traveled through our little community.
Dickie had also spent time picking up trash with dad, just as I did.
I imagine that my dad and his dad had done the same.

My father Swain Hoyle instilled a deep abiding love of our land.
My mother Juandetta gave us our ancestral native American affinity for our earth.
I learned early on that we are merely temporary caretakers of our earth.
Now in my later years, I understand even more clearly.
I see it in my grand kids in their love of the beautiful outdoors, wildlife and nature.

Please help preserve our beautiful earth so that our children and grand children can continue to enjoy it.

I would love to hear your comments, feedback and experiences.

- Jim Hoyle

Recycle Reuse Restore

How To Change The World:

  • Be an example.
  • Keep reusable shopping bags/boxes in your car.
  • Many communities are banning plastic bags but why wait ? Don't use them.
  • Do not buy individual plastic bottles of water.
  • Instead carry your water in reusable containers.
  • Install an under sink water filter and get clean water for pennies/week.
  • Install a faucet mounted water filter and get clean water for pennies/week.
  • Use a pitcher water filter. They work great and they are cheap.
  • Pick up trash when you walk.
  • Invite sanitation professionals to speak in your schools.
  • We must act now - World's biggest garbage dump is our ocean
  • Educate, share this article and encourage intelligent discussions.

An estimated 583 billion plastic bottles were produced in 2021. That is 100 billion more than were produced just five years ago.
This year, five trillion plastic bags will be used. That’s 160,000 every second!
Americans alone use half a billion drinking straws every day.
In 2017, packaging production constituted the highest-demanded use for plastic, with 146 million metric tons used.
The amount of single-use plastics used globally has tripled since the start of the pandemic, with takeout orders driving the increase.
Each year, enough Bubble Wrap is created globally to cover the distance between the earth and the moon.
In the U.S., we throw away more than 50 billion coffee cups every year. These are coated with plastic to laminate the inside and use plastic lids
Around the world, people litter more than 4.5 trillion cigarette butts every year.
Source: www.earthday.org


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7-21-20: My comments about your Recycle Policy webpage:
Thank you for your diligence in conservation efforts. I  received the beautiful dark green lampshade I ordered, its perfect.  The grey packing paper in the box is great for washing windows, much sturdier than a paper towel, so that will be recycled too! Thanks and keep up the good work!
S.S.  Cranford NJ

2020: Dear Mr. Hoyle,
I have been looking for custom made in USA lampshades for a pair of vintage lamps and came across your web site.
I wanted to let you know that I am choosing your company over others because I appreciate so much your policy on recycling and statements about plastic and trash and water.
Thank you for sharing your story and doing your part! I’m happy to support a business like yours that cares about these issues and makes a point of talking about them.
Best regards,

2022: My comments about your Recycle Policy webpage:

I was so pleased to learn how you feel about keeping our country clean.  Like you I live in the country.  There are eight homes along our 3 mile country road.  We also get people discarding not only cans, bottles etc but large items like tires and old furniture.  My neighbors and I spend time keeping our road clean. My property is what is left( 64 acres ) from an original land grant of 488 acres given to my husbands great-great-great-great grandfather in 1840 when he came to this country from Scotland.
Knowing this about your business makes me very happy to have chosen your company twice in the last 10 years to make lampshades for me.  I will be in touch again as I have at least one more to replace.
Blessings on you, your family and your business that does beautiful work!