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Lamp Repair

Professional lamp repair and lighting restorations for new or vintage lamps by seasoned craftsmen since 1975. Comprehensive lamp repairs of Tiffany, slag lamps, glass shades, lamp shades, chandeliers, pendant lights, hand painting and refinishing. Our artists and craftsmen repair, rebuild and hand paint glass, metal, fabrics and mica on authentic antiques or modern lighting of all kinds including electric, oil and gas lighting. Email 1 clear photo along with a description of the repair you require and we will promptly respond with a cost estimate. A formal estimate document is available for insurance purposes and for third party verification. Simple lamp repairs are usually completed within a couple weeks. Complex lighting restorations may require up to 2-3 months to finish.

We really do love performing lamp repair work of all kinds. Our artists and craftsmen get a great deal of personal satisfaction from bringing new life into old worn out or even nearly destroyed lighting. Sometimes several of our employees will contribute their individual expertise on a single lighting repair project. Please feel free to call us for personal and professional assistance.