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See the difference in our rich bronze floor lamps with very sturdy and substantial heavy weight. Our fine quality iron floor lamps are designed for generations of enjoyment.

1 of a kind floor lamps available nowhere else !

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Antique 6 Way Floor Lamp 65"H
Bronze 6 Way Floor Lamp Pleated Linen Shade 59"H
Oil Rubbed Bronze 6 Way Floor Lamp 62" H
3 Piece Lamp Set Pleated or Mica Shades - Sale !
Antique Bronze Floor Lamp 60"H
Antique Iron Floor Lamp 61"H
Market price: $780.00, save 28%
Market price: $600.00, save 75%
Antique Smokers Floor Lamp 62"H
Art Deco Floor Lamp 62"H
Antique Floor Lamp 59"H
Art Deco Floor Lamp 65"H
Bronze Swing Arm Floor Lamp 60"H
Bronze Swing Arm Floor Lamp 61"H
Short Swing Arm Floor Lamp 54"H
Large Bronze Oakleaf Mica Floor Lamp 60"H - Sale !
Tree Sculpture Floor Lamp 67"H
Tree Leaves Floor Lamp Rust Metal Shade 60"H
Adjustable Bronze Floor Lamp Mica Lampshade 56-65"H
Bronze Adjustable Floor Lamp Burlap Shade 56-65"H
Market price: $550.00, save 27%
Market price: $470.00, save 36%
Bronze Floor Lamp Glass Lantern Shade 60"H
Bronze Floor Lamp Mica Drum Lampshade 59"H
Bronze Gooseneck Floor Lamp Linen Shade 60"H
Oil Rubbed Bronze 6 Way Floor Lamp 62"H
Antique Bridge Arm Floor Lamp 56"H - SOLD
Antique Bridge Arm Floor Lamp 58"H SOLD !
Market price: $450.00, save 33%
Market price: $556.00, save 46%
Market price: $320.00, save 13%
Market price: $400.00, save 10%
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Iron Floor Lamp 62"H SOLD
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