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Our beach lamp shades create a carefree tropical atmosphere and colorful Florida vibe ! Brighten up and lighten up your home near the sea, lake or river.

Rattan wicker, linen fabrics, sea grass and cocoa leaf lamp shades will make your coastal or waterside living areas come alive. Go with sleek clean white or cream colors or live on the wild side with our eye popping colorful genuine botanical lamp shades.

Sizes listed in inches: Top width x Bottom width x Side/slant.

Free professional lamp shade fitting is available.

Lamp Shade Pro Reviews
Lamp Shade Pro Reviews

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Burlap Shallow Drum Lamp Shade 15"W
Clip On Shade 10-12"W - Sale !
Cone Shape Lamp Shade 6-10"W
Drum Lamp Shade Cream 15"W - Sale !
Drum Linen Lamp Shade Cream or White 12"W - SOLD
Gray Lamp Shade 15"W - Sale !
Market price: $150.00, save 13%
Market price: $100.00, save 40%
Market price: $120.00, save 58%
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Market price: $150.00, save 47%
Hexagon Silk String Lamp Shade Off White 14-20"W
Linen Drum Lamp Shade Off White 13"W
Linen Lamp Shade, Cream or White 13-15"W - Sale !
Mushroom Pleated Lamp Shade 3 Fitter Options 12"W
Paper Lamp Shade Off White 12"W
Pleated Lamp Shade Cream or White 12-18"W
Market price: $115.00, save 39%
Red Lamp Shade 10-18"W
Sheer Silver Lamp Shade 15"W
Small Clip On Shade Cream, White 6-10"W
Brown Bell Dual Weave Rattan Lamp Shade 12-20"W
Empire Silk String Lamp Shade 6 Colors 8-20"W
Linen Lamp Shade Cream, White 15-24"W - Sale !
Market price: $90.00, save 44%
Market price: $130.00, save 69%
White Linen Coolie Lamp Shade 21"W - Sale !
Whitewash Wicker Rattan Lamp Shade Color
Seagrass Lamp Shade Close-up
Wicker Lamp Shade Fabric Lining
Wicker Lamp Shade Spider Fitter
Bell Coolie Rattan Lamp Shade 20"W
Market price: $180.00, save 56%
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Rectangle String Lamp Shade Off White, Taupe, Black 8-20"W
Cream Rolled Edge Oval Linen Lamp Shade 14-16"W
Homespun Linen Oval Lamp Shade Cream, White, Beige 12-18"W
Metallic Silver Gray Oval Lamp Shade 12"W
Rolled Edge White Oval Linen Lamp Shade 10-18"W
Tapered Rectangle String Lamp Shade Off White 14-16"W
White Oval Linen Lamp Shade 15"W - Sale !
Wholesale Navy Blue Lamp Shade 18"W - Sale !
Yellow Pleated Lamp Shade 16"W - Sale !
Bamboo Lamp Shade 20"W
Drum Shade Linen w/Rolled Edges Cream, White 14-18"W - Sale !
Extra Flared Linen Lamp Shade 16"W
Market price: $150.00, save 80%
Market price: $170.00, save 41%