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Hurricane Shades

Quality glass hurricane shades for new or vintage hurricane lamps with fitter sizes 4-14" wide for oil, electric and gas hurricane, banquet parlor lamps.

We can also create a new hand painted glass hurricane shade to replace your broken glass lamp shade.

  • Our hurricane shades are mouth blown glass USA made of fine quality.
  • Most any of our hurricane glass lamp shades will coordinate nicely with a solid color lamp base.
  • If your lamp base color is white, brass, silver, pewter or any solid color, then let your imagination run free and select any glass shade that has the correct fitter.
  • If your lamp base has numerous hand painted colors, we recommend either a solid white hurricane glass shade or you can have any of our solid white hurricane shades custom hand painted to match your base.
  • Our artists have decades of experience in mixing and matching paint colors for complex floral patterns and scenic designs of most any kind imaginable.
  • We can match most any glass lamp shade design and colors from simple flower groups to extremely complex backgrounds and intricate foreground scenes.
  • Take a close look at our custom hand painted glass shade repair gallery then contact us for your custom hand painted hurricane glass lamp shade.
  • Custom hand painted glass shade work is usually backlogged 3-4 months for completion so get yours scheduled today.
  • Broken glass shade fragments or an intact glass lamp base is required to accurately color match.