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Oval lamp shades are available with interesting shapes and fabric variations in sizes for all kinds of lamps. Oval lampshades save space and are especially suited for oval or rectangular shape lamps. Oval lamp shades compliment many other lamp styles.

  • Oval lamp shades have 5 measurements: Top1/Top2 x Bottom1/Bottom2 x Side/slant
  • Lamp shade fitting help is available guaranteed to fit since 1975.

Lamp Shade Pro Reviews
Lamp Shade Pro Reviews

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Oval Lamp Shade Measurements Explained
Cream Rolled Edge Oval Linen Lamp Shade 14-16"W
Metallic Silver Gray Oval Lamp Shade 12"W
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Rolled Edge White Oval Linen Lamp Shade 10-18"W
White Oval Linen Lamp Shade 15"W - Sale !
French Oval Silk Lamp Shade 8-20"W
Market price: $150.00, save 53%
Homespun Linen Oval Lamp Shade Cream, White, Beige 12-18"W
Oval Bell Silk Lamp Shade, Cream, White, Black 10-18"W
Oval Metal Lamp Shade Example
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