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Lamp Shade Types

Lamp shade styles and shapes Article by Jim Hoyle

Coolies... Drums... Bells... is this about Chinese music or lamp shades ?

Some say that a lampshade makes the lamp and therein lies much truth. A gorgeous lamp with the wrong lampshade can be an eyesore. The same lamp with just the right lampshade can be a knock out.

This list shows some of the most popular lamp shade types with a brief description.

If you are not sure which lamp shade is right for your lamp, just ask. We have near half a century of experience in every facet of our industry including designing, manufacturing and retailing. Plus we thoroughly enjoy helping customers on a very close personal level free with no obligation.

1) Empire lamp shades Empire lamp shade have a straight sloped side. The shade slope is not exaggerated but rather at a traditional tapered angle.

2) Bell lamp shades  Bell lamp shade have sides that are curved not straight.

3) There are two (2) types of drum lamp shades: tall drum lamp shades and shallow drum lamp shades. Shallow drum lamp shade Both are shaped similar to a barrel or cylinder with nearly straight sides.

4) A coolie lamp shade  Coolie lamp shade has an exaggerated bottom diameter compared to a narrow top diameter thus resembling a Chinese coolie hat.

5) Square lamp shades  Square lamp shade you are likely familiar with but they come in a surprising number of interesting variations.

6) Rectangular lamp shades   Rectangle Lamp Shade are oblong with right angles, cut corners or inverted corners.

7) Oval lamps shades  Oval lamp shade are oblong and rounded like a racetrack.

8) Hexagon lamp shades  Hexagon lamp shade have six sides.

9) Bouillotte lamp shades Bouillotte lamp are specialized tapered shalllow drums, named after the French card game from which this lamp and shade originated.

10) Six (6) way floor lamp shades 6 way floor lamp shade also called "Junior Lamp Shades or Reflector Lamp Shades" are made especially to fit 6 way 3 arm and reflector floor lamps made popular during the mid century

11) Uno lamp shades  UNO lamp shade hexagon shape have a fitter that slips over or screws onto the electrical socket, commonly found on bridge arm floor lamps and others.

12) Mica lamp shades  Mica lamp shade are made from genuine mica which is mined from the earth, formed into sheets then handcrafted into lovely dramatic mica lampshades.

13) Rattan wicker lamp shades Rattan wicker lamp shade are handcrafted in a variety of natural botanical materials such as bamboo, rattan, sea grass.

And much more...  There are hexagon bells and squares with inverted cut corners. There are V notch bell drums and most any other combinations of features that you may imagine.

Variations could go on limited only by our imagination and the lamp shade maker's skill. Custom lamp shades come in a great variety of shapes and complexity.

Good luck on selecting your next lamp shade. Let us know if we can help.

- Jim Hoyle