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These exclusive floor lamps are beautifully handcrafted for a dramatic appearance. Genuine mica shades are combined with wrought iron and wood to create unique lighting designs found nowhere else. Mica is a natural mineral that is mined from the earth then formed into sheets to create lovely lighting designs.

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Large Bronze Oakleaf Mica Floor Lamp 60"H
Bronze Mica Torchiere Floor Lamp 72"H
Bronze Mica Floor Lamp Bears & Pine Tree Designs 60"H
Bronze Floor Lamp With Mica Drum Lampshade 59"H - Sale !
Adjustable Bronze Floor Lamp Mica Lampshade 56-65"H - Sale !
Rust Floor Lamp Mica Shade 68"H
Market price: $6,000.00, save 50%
Market price: $695.00, save 64%
Market price: $550.00, save 58%
Bronze Iron Torchiere Floor Lamp Amber Mica Shade 71"H
Iron Floor Lamp Mica Shade 64"H SOLD $499.99
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