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Lamp Shade Fitting

Free professional lamp shade fitting guaranteed to fit your lamp.
It's just like bringing your lamp into our showroom and it's free from the industry experts.
We have performed thousands of lamp shade fittings for satisfied customers since 1975.

Email answers to these 7 questions:
1) LAMP STYLE: Single Bulb, Multi Bulb, Glass Bowl, select from images below.
     If your lamp style is different, email one (1) photo and we will ask the proper questions.
2) BRIEF DESCRIPTION: Table Lamp, Floor Lamp, Unique Features
4) HEIGHT - Red line in images below.
    Single Bulb Lamp - Measure from top of the socket to bottom of lamp base
    Multi Bulb Lamp - Measure from top of the light cluster body to bottom of lamp base
    Glass Reflector Bowl Lamp - Measure from top of glass to bottom of lamp base
5) BODY/BELLY WIDTH - Widest portion of the lamp body (belly/mid section) excluding the base
6) BOTTOM BASE WIDTH - Across the very bottom of the lamp base
7) SHADE SHAPE PREFERENCE - Bell, Coolie, Rectangle, Square, Tall Drum, Shallow Drum, Empire, Oval, Dirk Van Erp...
8) One (1) clear photo of your lamp is helpful but not required. - Fill up the viewfinder with a side view photo.

  • We fit your shade style preference (question 7) onto one of our lamps of the same size as yours.
  • We will email the exact lamp shade size that fits your lamp perfectly.
  • Free lamp shade fitting is guarantee to fit perfectly with no obligation.
  • There is no guesswork.

IGNORE YOUR HARP SIZE ! - Lampshades are fitted to lamps, not to harps.
Add The Correct Harp/Finial to your order. Positions your lamp shade bottom correctly 1" below the electrical socket.


Lamp Styles


There is little science and much art in fitting a lamp shade for any lamp. Lamp shade fitting formulas have been around for decades but they do not work. There are far too many variations of style, shape and size with a plethora of individual personal preferences. The number of combinations are staggering. Lamp shade fitting formulas are misleading and end in failure.

Below are some helpful pointers.
Lampshade bottom width is the most important measurement with the strongest visual impact.

  • 3-6" Bottom Width - Fits chandeliers and petite wall sconces
  • 8-10" Bottom Width - Fits very small boudoir size lamps and small wall sconces
  • 10-12" Bottom Width - Fits buffet candlestick lamps and medium size wall lamps
  • 13-14" Bottom Width - Fits small - medium table and floor lamps & swing arm lamps
  • 15-16" Bottom Width - World's most popular lamp shade size fits most average size table & floor lamps
  • 17-19" Bottom Width - Fits full size table and floor lamps
  • 20-24" Bottom Width - Fits larger and wider body lamps

We do a lot more than just take orders. Email or call Jim Hoyle with your lamp shade fitting questions. We love this business and we love helping customers with their lamp shade fitting since 1975 !