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Lamp Shade Fitting

Professional Lamp Shade Fitting Since 1979 - Just Like Bringing Your Lamp Into Our Showroom

If you know the shade size needed: Free Service - Email measurements: (top x bottom x side/slant) and answer questions 1 & 6. Allow 10-15 minutes for our results.

If you do not know the shade size needed: Free After Refund $15 Charge is refunded after you place your order.  We perform an actual lamp shade fitting in our showroom using one of our showroom lamps with the same measurements as your lamp. We fit your lamp with the shade style preference that you indicate in question # 6. The fitting requires about 20 minutes to complete then we reply with the exact shade size that fits your lamp correctly. After you order online or by phone we issue credit of $15. Pay Refundable $15 Charge here http://www.lampshadepro.com/Lamp-Shade-Pro-International-Shipping.html Then email answers to the 7 questions below. Please email answers rather than phone as this requires about 20 minutes of study and fitting.


Read Slowly & Carefully:

  1. DESCRIPTION: Table Lamp, Floor Lamp, Style, Material, Color, etc... Briefly please
  3. HEIGHT:
    • HEIGHT (SINGLE BULB LAMPS - Left Photo Below): From TOP of the socket where the light bulb screws in - to bottom of lamp base
    • HEIGHT (MULTI BULB LAMPS- Middle Photo Below): From TOP of the cluster body where sockets join - to bottom of lamp base
    • HEIGHT (GLASS REFLECTOR BOWL LAMPS- Right Photo Below): Measure from TOP of glass - to bottom of lamp base
    • If your lamp has a different configuration (Bouillottes, Candelabras, etc.), email a photo and we will ask the proper questions for a perfect fit
  4. BASE width = across very bottom of the lamp base (width not circumference)
  5. BODY width = across widest portion of the lamp body excluding the base(width not circumference)
  6. SHADE PREFERENCE - So I do not waste time suggesting a shade outside your interest. (Tall Drum, Short Drum, Coolie, Pleated, Oval, Square, Rectangle, etc.)
  7. One (1) PHOTO is helpful but not necessary
  8. Please do not include additional information as we will request it if needed.

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Lamp Shade Fitting Guidelines: Many customers select lampshades all by themselves. Below are some general guidelines that may help.

NO FORMULA exists that will properly address the correct lamp shade to fit any particular lamp. There are way too many variables, one of which is the customer's style preference. When we do a lamp shade fitting, one of the most important components is the customers preference.

Bottom width is the most important lamp shade measurement and has the strongest visual impact
1) 17-24" bottom shades are appropriate for larger - fuller size table lamps & floor lamps
2) 15-16" bottom shades are the world's most popular size because they fit most average size table & floor lamps
3) 13-14" bottom shades are popular for small - medium table lamps & floor lamps & swing arm table/floor lamps
4) 10-12" bottom shades are appropriate for buffet, candlestick, wall & swing arm lamps
5) 8-10" bottom shades are appropriate for very small boudoir size lamps
6) 3-6" bottom shades are appropriate for chandeliers & wall sconces

You will find most any lamp shade by browsing our website.

Custom lamp shades are also available up to 96" wide made of silk, mica, metal, fabrics & papers.

We do a lot more than just take orders. Please feel free to email or call us with your questions.