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Fabric chimney shades slip over a glass chimney on hurricane and oil lamps. Handcrafted USA American made mushroom pleated and silk chimney lamp shades have large industry standard fitters 2.5" wide for new or antique hurricane, banquet and parlor lamps.

Chimney shades are available with lovely Victorian beaded fringe and trims in 21 different styles.

Chimney Shade Fitting:
12" Wide - Fits average size hurricane and oil lamps
14" Wide - Fits large hurricane and oil lamps
Fitter: Industry Standard 2.5" Wide

Professional chimney lamp shade fitting help is available during business hours.

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Chimney Shade For Hurricane Lamps 12"W
Hexagon Chimney Shade For Hurricane Lamps 12"W
Example Chimney Lamp Shade Sits On Glass Chimney
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