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Stiffel lamp shades for genuine vintage Stiffel lamps. Fine quality replacement Stiffel lampshades up to 20" wide for vintage mid century table lamps and floor lamps, plus hanging swag lamps.

Custom trims, gimp braids, fringe and beads are available limited only by your imagination - ask.

Finest Quality Silk, Fabric, Metal, Mica with Heavy Gauge Frames

Stiffel, Stifle, Stiffle, Stiffell, Stifel, Stifle - No matter how you spell it, we have the largest selection and most extensive experience fitting and restoring Stiffel lamps and shades including the famous Stiffel Pull Down Floor Lamp

Sizes listed in inches: Top width x Bottom width x Side

Give any room a cool vintage retro look with our Stiffel swag lights that we make from many of these Stiffel lamp shades.

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Stiffel Lamp Shades Sit On Any Fitter
Classic Stiffel Drum Lamp Shade Cream, White, Beige 10-18"W
Drum Lamp Shade w/Small Gold Trim 10-18"W
Fine Linen Drum Lamp Shade Cream, Off White, Natural 12-18"W
Bell Drum Lamp Shade 12-18"W
V Notch Bell Drum Lamp Shade 14-18"W
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Victorian Beaded V Notch Bell Drum Lamp Shade 14-18"W
Victorian V Notch Bell Drum Lamp Shade 14-18"W
Side Pleated Chiffon Stiffel Drum Lamp Shade Cream, White 14-18"W
Smock Pleated Silk Tall Drum Lamp Shade Cream, White 8-18"W
Tall Burlap Drum Lamp Shade 14-18"W
Mica Drum Stiffel Lamp Shade
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