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Vintage Chandeliers

Vintage chandeliers, swag lights and vintage pendant lights that hang from the ceiling. These lovely lights are from a bygone era in excellent condition professionally restored with 100% all new electrical wiring.

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Antique Red Glass Swag Lamp 18"W
Antique Stained Gass Windmills Chandelier 22"W
Small Vintage Lantern Swag Lamp 8"Wx11"H
Victorian Hollywood Regency Swag Lamp 15"W
Vintage Crystal Pendant Light Swag Lamp 7"W x14"H
Vintage Hanging Slag Lamp 18"W SOLD
Market price: $2500.00, save 76%
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Vintage Hollywood Regency Swag light 11"W
Vintage Hollywood Regency Swag light 12"W
Vintage Southwestern Chandelier 28"Wx28"H - Sale !
Market price: $300.00, save 73%
Market price: $500.00, save 20%
Market price: $1450.00, save 66%