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Sturdy desk lamps are made especially for superior reading, writing and work projects ! Unique and interesting designs are available in small to moderate sizes

Shapes and designs are the primary features of excellent desk lighting. The overhanging arm positions the lamp properly for optimum light. The lamp shade aims the light exactly where needed, up, down, all around.

Our desk style reading lamps use standard light bulbs that are widely available (Incandescent, CFL Fluorescent, LED).

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Adjustable Desk Lamp w/Outlets 18"H
Brass Horn Lamp 21"H
Adjustable Pharmacy Lamp 30-40 "H - SOLD
Brushed Steel Desk Lamp Drum Linen Shade 24"H - Sale !
Brass Finish Desk Lamp 22"H
Market price: $175.00, save 54%
Market price: $175.00, save 31%
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Market price: $250.00, save 48%