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About Us

  • Jim Hoyle started the company in 1975 as a wholesale lighting and furniture distributor.
  • Soon the focus became manufacturing.and Hoyle Fine Lamps was born.
  • Wholesale customers include stores, lodging industry, commercial groups and institutions.
  • As shopping habits change, new focus is placed on direct consumer sales thru Lamp Shade Pro
  • Walk in customers visit Lamp & Home Outlet for lamp shades, lighting and comprehensive repairs.
  • We create many unique lights not found anywhere else.
  • We repair and restore most any lamp, light or lamp shade imaginable including authentic Tiffany lamps.
  • Friendly customer service and professional help remains the # 1 priority and core philosophy.
  • We consider "Problems" as the greatest opportunity to be our true selves.

We Offer:
1- The most comprehensive selection of lampshades anywhere many USA made lamp shades. 
2- Exclusive lighting not available anywhere else many USA made lights.
3- Lamp repairs of every kind imaginable by seasoned and gifted craftsmen and artists. 
4- Professional informed live help about every aspect of lighting, provided a friendly personal manner.

Retail Outlet: Lamp & Home Outlet - 2233 East Main Street Lincolnton NC, in the lovely North Carolina foothills
Brands: LampShade Pro - Hoyle Fine Lamps - Hoyle Industries Inc.


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