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Check out the interesting variations of our rectangle lamp shades designed to fit any size or style table, floor or wall lamp. Order rectangle lampshades to save space and to add special interest to any lamp.

Rectangle Lamp Shade Size Explanation:

  • Rectangle lamp shades have 2 measurements for the top, 2 measurements for the bottom, 1 measurement for the side/slant.
  • Rectangle lamp shade measurements: Top1/Top2 x Bottom1/Bottom2 x Side/slant
  • Rectangle lamp shades are handcrafted of fine luxurious silk shantung with soft sewn In linings or casual hardback fabrics USA made.
  • Rectangle lamp shades are especially suited for oval, oblong or rectangular shape lamps.
  • Rectangle lampshades compliment round, square and other lamps of all shapes.

Rectangle Lamp Shade Fitting Guide:

  •  8" Bottom Width: Fits very petite boudoir style lamps and sconce lights
  • 10" Bottom Width: Fits small buffet candlestick and wall lamps
  • 12" Bottom Width: Fits average size buffet, candlesticks and wall lamps
  • 14" Bottom Width: Fits moderate size table lamps
  • 16" Bottom Width: Fits many average size lamps - The world's most popular shade size
  • 18" Bottom Width: Fits larger full size lamps
  • Professional fitting help is available, just ask. We love helping our customers since 1975 !

Browse our shapely rectangle swag lights that we make from many of these rectangle lamp shades.

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Rectangle Linen Lamp Shade Cream, Beige 10-18"W
Riveted Rectangle Mica Lamp Shade Deer Hooves 20"W
Tapered Rectangle Linen Lamp Shade Cream, Beige 12-18"W
Rectangle Lamp Shade Bell Silk Cut Corners Cream, White, Beige 8-20"W
Rectangle Lamp Shade Black Bell Silk Cut Corner 8-18"W
Tapered Rectangle Silk Lamp Shade Cream, White, Black 12-18"W
Market price: $110.00, save 36%
Market price: $680.00, save 60%
Market price: $100.00, save 30%
Market price: $75.00, save 20%
Market price: $100.00, save 30%
Market price: $110.00, save 27%
Black Tapered Rectangle Silk Lamp Shade 12-18"W
Rectangle Cut Corner String Lamp Shade Off White, Taupe, Black 8-20"W
Tapered Rectangle String Lamp Shade Off White 14-16"W
Rectangle Lamp Shade Inverted Cut Corner Silk Cream, White 13-19"W
Pleated Chiffon Rectangle Lamp Shade Inverted Corner Cream, White 10-18"W
Straight Rectangle Lamp Shade Black, White 14-16"W
Market price: $110.00, save 27%
Market price: $185.00, save 30%
Market price: $230.00, save 30%
Market price: $150.00, save 27%
Market price: $110.00, save 36%
Market price: $140.00, save 29%
Rectangle Cut Corner Leather Look Lamp Shade 12-18"W
Add Beads or Fringe To Any Rectangle Lamp Shade
Market price: $110.00, save 27%
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