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Hardback Lamp Shades

Customers often come to us for a replacement lamp shades due to their lampshade liners cracking or coming apart. The vast majority of hardback lamp shades worldwide have liners made of styrene. Styrene has been widely used since the mid 1850s and is the industry standard liner for hardback lampshades. Paper is also used as a hardback liner especially on paper and parchment lampshades.

All hardback lampshade liners will crack eventually. There is no stopping it. Cracking can only be delayed, not prevented. For optimum performance, use only LED bulbs or low wattage incandescent bulbs. LED bulbs emit less heat which prevents the inside liner of the lamp shade from baking to a crisp. Keeping your lampshades away from direct sunlight will also be helpful.

We have been selling hardback lampshades since 1975, commonly found on our mushroom pleated, linen, paper, fabric and burlap lamp shades.

I hope this information proves useful to you and your family.

- Jim Hoyle