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Our paper lamp shades are handcrafted of quality heavy gauge classic parchment paper in sizes 10-24" wide.

We have sold paper lamp shades since 1975 and they have a proven record of durability.

Paper lampshades are versatile and can be painted any color, ask.

Paper shades compliment many lamp styles and colors, earth tones, brass, wood, bronze, gold, antique and many solid color lamps.

Free professional paper lamp shade fitting is available, ask.

Paper lamp shade sizes are listed: Top width x Bottom width x Side/slant.

Lamp Shade Pro Reviews
Lamp Shade Pro Reviews

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Faux Sheepskin Lamp Shade 14"W
Empire Black Paper Lamp Shade 10-20"W
Paper Lamp Shade Off White 12"W
Parchment Paper Lamp Shade 16"W
Black Paper Coolie Lamp Shade 16-24"W
Bouillotte Black Paper Lamp Shade 10-18"W
Black Lamp Shade Custom Hand Painted
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