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Bouillotte lamp shades of metal, black parchment paper, silk and mica 10-18" wide, uniquely flared shallow drum shades for brass candelabra candlestick lamps like Baldwin, Frederick Cooper, Edward Alden, Ethan Allen and other fine quality lamp makers.

Pronounce: BOO YACHT

The origin of this shade was founded in the French card game called Bouillotte of the 18th century. The card table was typically lighted by a cluster of burning candles surrounding a vertical rod upon which rested a lamp shade. The shade was adjustable up and down the rod so that as the candles burned down the shade could be lowered.

Professional Bouillotte lamp shade fitting is available from the industry experts. Call us during regular business hours. We love helping our customers.

Sizes listed in inches: Top width x Bottom width x Side/slant.

Lamp Shade Pro Reviews
Lamp Shade Pro Reviews

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