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Uno Floor Lamp Shades

Our UNO lamp shades with threaded fitters that screw directly onto the electrical socket of bridge arm and gooseneck lamps

There are Two (2) Types of Uno Lamp Shade Fitters: 1) Threaded Screw On Fitters and 2) Slip On Unthreaded Fitters. Threaded Uno Shades have industry standard threaded fitters 1.25" wide which securely screw onto the threaded electrical socket on bridge arm and goose neck lamps. Slip On Uno Shades have unthreaded fitters that slip over the electrical socket. Uno shades below have the industry standard threaded fitter however we can modify any of them and convert to the slip on fitter - contact us.

Uno Lamp Shade Size Guidelines:
12" wide (2nd number) fits 90% of all floor lamps
10" wide (2nd number) fits smaller floor lamps with bases less than 9" wide

Sizes listed in inches: Top width x Bottom width x Side/slant.

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Hexagon Bell Silk UNO Shade Cream, White 10-12"W
Mushroom Pleated UNO Floor Lamp Shade Cream or White 12"W
Black Paper UNO Floor Lamp Shade 12"W
Burlap UNO Floor Lamp Shade 10-12"W
Bell Silk UNO Lamp Shade Cream, White 10-12"W
Scallop Bell Silk UNO Shade Cream or White Optional Beaded Fringe 10-12"W
Hexagon Mica UNO Lamp Shade Silver or Amber 12"W
Empire Mica UNO Lamp Shade Amber, Silver 12"W
Small Pleated UNO Lamp Shade 6"W
Slip UNO Adapter KIT
Bronze Victorian UNO Lamp Shade 14"W
Gold Victorian UNO Lamp Shade 13"W
Copper Victorian UNO Lamp Shade 13"W
Slip On UNO Lamp Shade Fitters To Fit Any Lamp
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