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Broken Slag Lamp Shade Frame Repair

Broken Slag Lamp Shade Frame Repair
Broken slag lampshade frame

Below is a summary of your slag lamp shade damages and proposed repairs:
The top ring that fits on the lamp base is slanted and not level.
***Filigree is missing near the top of one panel.
The panels are splitting apart near the ring.
The panels are becoming detached from the ring.
A number of metal panels are bent inward.
The frame is warped and one side and sits about 1.5"  higher than the other.
Some shade holder tabs need replacing.

***Replacing filigree is very tedious and time consuming.
Replacement filigree should fit in properly and look comparable but not exact.

NOTE: After repairing a frame that is severely warped/bent, it can be challenging to install the glass panels.
If the metal frame or panel curvature is just slightly off, it may require manipulating the frame using a heat gun.
Sometimes it is necessary to grind the glass panels slightly for a proper fit after repairing a badly warped/bent frame.
Sometimes the glass installs without much difficulty.
If you wish, we will install the glass at no charge, just be sure glass is extremely well padded and packed properly for shipping.

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