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Shallow and tall drum lamp shades create a modern retro vibe ! Fine quality silk shades or USA American made hardbacks 5-20 inches wide for modern or vintage lamps

There are 2 types of drum lamp shades:
1) Shallow Drum Shades have a shorter squatty barrel shape
2) Tall Drum Lamp Shades have a taller typical barrel shape

Drum shades have many advantages over empire or bell shapes. They reflect light downward and an equal amount of lighting is reflected upward. The drum shape also generally provides a greater space away from the hot light bulb which allows manufacturers to increase the lamp wattage rating thereby providing more light.

A hint to the possible origin of drum lamp shade lies in the 18th-century French gambling card game called Bouillotte. It seems probable that drum shades may have evolved from this unique shape.

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Classic Stiffel Drum Lamp Shade Cream, White, Beige 10-18"W
V Notch Corset Bell Silk Lamp Shade Cream or White, 17 Colors Beaded Fringe 14-18"W
Natural Homespun Linen Drum Lamp Shade 12"Wx17"H
Regular Drum Burlap Lamp Shade 14-18"W
Shallow Drum Burlap Lamp Shade 15"W
Shallow Drum Linen Lamp Shade Cream or White 15"W
Market price: $90.00, save 44%
Market price: $80.00, save 63%
Market price: $90.00, save 67%
Shallow Drum Off White Linen Lamp Shade 16"W
Shallow Drum White Linen Lamp Shade 17"W
Small Linen Drum Lamp Shade 10"Wx10"H
Camouflage Drum Lamp Shade 15"W
Parchment Paper Drum Lamp Shade 16"W
Rolled Edge Brown Streaks Cream Shallow Drum Lamp Shade 16"W
Market price: $90.00, save 67%
Market price: $100.00, save 70%
Market price: $80.00, save 88%
Market price: $110.00, save 55%
Market price: $140.00, save 71%
Rolled Edge Ivory Linen Shallow Drum Lamp Shade 12-18"W
Metal Drum Lamp Shade Stainless Steel Finish 17"W - Sale !
Tall Drum Burlap Lamp Shade 12-18"W
Black Paper Drum Lamp Shade 16-18"W - Sale !
Small Burlap Drum Lamp Shade 10"Wx10"H
Ivory Burlap Drum Lamp Shade 12"W
Market price: $400.00, save 60%
Market price: $100.00, save 50%
Market price: $70.00, save 79%
Black Shallow Silk Drum Lamp Shade 12-18"W
Coarse Beige Hemp Rope Drum String Lamp Shade 12-18"W
Drum Silk String Lamp Shade Off White, Black, Silver 12-18"W
Drum Sheep Skin Leather Lamp Shade 12-20"W
Smock Pleated Silk Shallow Drum Lamp Shade Cream, White 12-18"W
Mushroom Pleated Chiffon Drum Lamp Shade Cream, White 8-16"W
Victorian Drum Lamp Shade Cream or White 7 Colors of Beaded Fringe 12-20"W
Scallop Bell Drum Silk Lamp Shade Cream, White 14-18"W
Side Pleated Chiffon Drum Stiffel Lamp Shade Cream, White 10-18"W
Bell Silk Drum Lamp Shade Cream, White 10-18"W
Shallow Drum Silk Lamp Shade Cream, White, Black 12-18"W
Smock Pleated Silk Tall Drum Lamp Shade Cream, White 8-18"W