Unique hand crafted rustic metal and mica pendant lighting available plug in or direct wire, many USA American made in the lovely North Carolina foothills. Customize any light using any design, outdoor theme, wildlife, native American, southwwestern, cowboy, fishing, hunting, pets and more in most any size up to 96" wide.

Fine quality materials of steel and mica are used for lasting beauty and durability. Mica is a natural mineral that is mined from the earth, formed into sheets then carefully hand crafted into lovely dramatic lampshades. Mica emits a very warm dramatic light that creates a beautiful romantic atmosphere reminiscent of fireplace light.

Popular Options:
1- Plug In Lamp or Direct Wire Light Fixture
2- Chain, Rod or Cord Hung
3- Any Number of Lights & Switches
4- Diffusers
5- Other Options Available, Call Lamp Shade Pro 1-704-732-8001 during eastern business hours

Learn how to select and hang a mica pendant light

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Elk Deer Pendant Light 9.5"W
Silver Mica Drum Pendant Light 18"W
Pine Cones Mica Drum Pendant Light 18"Wx8.5"H
Deer Elk Pine Trees Drum Mica Pendant Light 18"Wx8.5"H
Art Deco Mica Pendant Light 8"Wx10"H
Cowboy Southwestern Drum Mica Pendant Light 5"Wx9"H
Market price: $260.00, save 38%
Market price: $276.00, save 37%
Market price: $396.00, save 49%
Market price: $400.00, save 38%
Market price: $300.00, save 40%
Bronze Wrought Iron Mica Drum Pendant Light 19"Wx8.5"H
Bears Mica Pendant Light Swag Lamp 14-18"W
Buffalo Mica Pendant Light Swag Lamp 14-18"W
Deer Mica Pendant Light Swag Lamp 14-18"W
Elk Mica Pendant Light Swag Lamp 14-18"W
Native American End of Trail Mica Pendant Light 14-18"W
Market price: $716.00, save 37%
Wolves Mica Pendant Light Swag Lamp 14-18"W
Outdoor Wildlife Mica Pendant Light Swag Lamp - 8 Scenes 5"Wx10"H
Pine Trees Mica Pendant Light Swag Lamp 5"Wx10"H
Dirk Van Erp Mica Pendant Light 20"W
Mica Drum Pendant Light 16-19"W
Pine Cones Needles Semi Flush Ceiling Light Mica Metal 12-20"W
Bronze Iron Wood & Crystal Chandelier Mica Shades 28"Wx25"H
Pine Limb Pine Cone Mica Metal Chandelier 16"W
Custom Mica Drum Pendant Light of Customer's Pet Dog 16-19"W
Oak Leaves Branches Mica Bathroom Vanity Light 30"Wx9"H
Deer Black Bear Mica Metal Island Light 36"Wx16"Dx18"H
Deer, Pine Trees, Mountains Mica Metal Chandelier 20-30"W
Market price: $1,200.00, save 39%
Elk, Trees Pine Cones Mica Metal Island Light 14-48"W
Pine Cones Needles Mica Metal Chandelier 24-36"W
Trout Fishing Mica & Metal Island Light 48"Wx14"Dx14"H
Cross Cut Saw Mica Metal Chandelier 30"W
Black Bears, Deer, Mountains Mica Metal Chandelier 16 Lights 36"W
Elk, Moose, Bear, Trees Mica Metal Chandelier 16 Lights 48"Wx18"H