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Wholesale lamp shades USA American made for hotel, motel, resort, casino, apartment, movie production, government, nursing home and commercial properties worldwide. Quality wholesale lamp shades of economical cotton polyester and luxurious silk shantung in all sizes since 1975.

Special protective treatment is available for lamp shades that will be subjected to extreme conditions and moisture especially coastal, sub tropical and tropical locations, ask.

Custom lamp shades are available in any size wth most any fabric imaginable - ask.

Other lamp shades located throughout our website are available at wholesale prices with no minimum quantity. Just select the sku # and specify the quantity then email us for a prompt wholesale price quote.

Lamp Shades On Sale

Wholesale Lamps are here.

Shipping for wholesale is calculated manually to get the lowest rate possible, then emailed to you for approval and payment.

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Wholesale Mushroom Pleated Lamp Shade 12-18"W
Wholesale White Mushroom Pleated Lamp Shade 11"W
Wholesale Linen Lamp Shade 12-16"W
Wholesale Shallow Drum Lamp Shades Cream or White 15"W
Wholesale Navy Blue, Green, Yellow Mushroom Pleated Lamp Shades 12-18"W
Wholesale Camouflage Empire Lamp Shade 16-18"W
Market price: $30.00, save 40%
Market price: $60.00, save 67%
Market price: $40.00, save 30%
Market price: $30.00, save 33%
Wholesale Camouflage Drum Lamp Shade 15"W
Wholesale Plug In Swag Lamp Cream, White 14"W
Wholesale Cream or White Linen Drum Swag Lamp 15"W
Wholesale LOT Lamp Shades
Wholesale LOT Chandelier Shades
Market price: $30.00, save 33%
Market price: $140.00, save 36%