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Big Crystal Chandelier Repair

Big Crystal Chandelier Repair

Summary of Crystal Chandelier Repairs:


  • Chandelier is to be completely disassembled, thoroughly cleaned and rewired with all new electrical components and gold cord.
  • 560 Rosettes are to be removed and reversed so that curved/scalloped side faces outward, smooth side faces inward.
  • 560 Small beads attached to the rosettes are to be removed.
  • 560 wires holding the rosettes and beads together are to be removed.
  • 280 flat crystal side panels with brass support wires are to be removed.
  • Top stem is to have hole drilled through with a new brass bolt & nut installed.
  • 16 Electrical sockets are to be replaced.
  • 16 White candle sleeves are to be replaced.
  • 100% Electrical wiring to be replaced.
  • 12 Feet of gold cord is to be extending from the top of the chandelier.
  • Chain length will be determined during install


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